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Sometimes when we are looking for an answer, it is a word or the energy of a word that is needed. Scan through the list until a word or phrase grabs your attention! Have a read. . . . it may lead you somewhere else . . . on your own journey to realise something :)

If you are not drawn to anything here, try scrolling through the Blog Visuals . . . Keep Growing, Keep Stepping . . 💗🌟 



July - Returning To Source… Are You YOU? Are You Creating Your Life Or Is It Creating You?

June - Choice… Is It Free Or Limited?  

May - Viral Energies... Was Your Life Yours? Is It Now? Want Change Or More Of The Same? 

April - Challenged? Keeping Your Distance? Life Feeling Really Real Or Unreal?

March - Have An Effect Or Deal With The Consequences... Not Always A Conscious Choice!

Feb - Who WE Are... Aligned Or Compromised?

Jan - Making Choices... Do Your Mind, Body And Chi Agree? Do You?


Dec - Being Yourself... Can You Do This In Your Relationships?... 

Nov - Relationship Chi... The Dynamic Of 'Us' And 'We' 

Oct - Cause And Effect...? Feel Stuck In A Loop? Can It Be Changed? 

Sept - Making Choices... Is It As Simple As Black Or White?

Aug - Feeling Connected? Feel You Belong? Feel Valued? 

July - Going With The Flow... Is It Yours? 

June - Going With The Flow... Disempowering Or Empowering? Uncomfortable Or Joyful? 

May - Feeling Vulnerable?... Understanding The Energy Form... 

April - Realising Truth... Real Healing 

March - Being Grounded In Who You Are... 

Feb - Being Yourself… 

Jan - Your Journey To Being Whole (9) "Realising Who You Are"


Dec - Your Journey To Being Whole (8) "Attuning Your Life"

Nov - Your Journey To Being Whole (7) "The Inner Work"

Oct - Your Journey To Being Whole (6) "The Healing Journey"

Sept - Your Journey To Being Whole (5) "The Intention Of Empowering Relationships”

Aug - Your Journey To Being Whole (4) “Intention Of Non-Interference”

July - Your Journey To Being Whole (3) “Intention Of Non-Judgement”

June - Your Journey To Being Whole (2) “Realisation”

May - Your Journey To Being Whole (1)

April - Virtual Reality...

March - Your Healing Space...

Feb - What Will Fulfill You? When Will You Feel Complete?



Dec - Wanting A Perfect Christmas? Anxious Or Excited?..

Nov - There's More To You Than Everyone Sees...

Oct - Muscle Response Testing... Learning A New Language... With Yourself...

Sept - Mindfulness – Focuses Intention But Can Also Be Challenging...

Aug - Has Your Life Got Momentum ??! Not Enough Or Too Much?

July - Building Resilience... Struggling With Something? … It's Not All Your Fault!

June - Keys... Open Doors And Much More...

May - Life In Gear And On Track Or Do You Feel Exhausted And Getting Nowhere?

April - Aware Of Any Coincidences Recently? Happen To Be In The Right Place At The Right Time?

March - We Live In A Multi-Dimensional Reality... What Does That Mean?

Feb - Love... Do You Know That You Attract All Your Experiences Like A Huge Magnet?

Jan - 2017!! Found It Difficult To Plan The Future? Fractals & Chaos Theory May Help! :)


Dec - Being At One... Will That Solve All Your Problems??...

Nov - Centred With Inner Peace Or Chasing Your Tail?

Oct - Endings And Beginnings...

Sept - Do You Have A Healthy Core?

Aug - Reality Check...

July - Mind Or Body In Charge? Are You? Are You Your Mind? Are You Your Body?

June - Ever Feel You Can't Move Forward In Your Life? Feel Clamped?

May - Does Your Life Reflect Your Worth? ... What Is 'Worth'? Just Money? Or A Feeling?

April - Lost Your Spark?

March - Sensory Perception... Do You Like How You See The World?

Feb - Does Your Life Have A Pulse? Do You Feel Alive?

Jan - It's A New Year – Fresh Start? New Enthusiasm?


Dec - Does Christmas Feel Empty? Want It To Feel More Meaningful?

Nov - Do You Believe In Angels?

Oct - Is Your Life Hardwired? Are You Fed Up With “That's Just The Way It Is”?!

Sept - What Is Your Life's Bigger Picture?

Aug - Empowering The Human Heart, Empowering Our Virtues

July - Mind Vs Heart – Thoughts Vs Feelings... Do You Know The Difference?

June - Feeling Stuck? Trying Hard To Change Things But Without Success?

May - Relationship Issues? Maybe It's Your Conflicting YIN & YANG?!

April - What Does Your LIFE MAP Look Like For This Year?

March - What Is TRUTH? What Is REALITY? What Is ILLUSION?

Feb - LOVE?!?!?@##@*!?&**

Jan - We All Have Addictions?... What's Yours?


Dec - Can Love Be Unconditional?


Oct - EMPOWERED? How Strong Do You Feel On The Inside?

Sept - Did You Get Nominated For The ALS #Icebucketchallenge ?

Aug - Metaphysical Loops

July - Are You Led By Your Heart Or Your Mind? Your Soul Or Your Spirit? Something Else?

June - Out Of Body Experience?

May - In Harmony With Your Life? Feel In Or Out Of Sync?

April - Spinning Too Many Plates?

March - Does Your Puzzle Fit Together?

Feb - Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone? Exhilarated Or Frightened?

Jan - This Year... A Continuing Theme: “Hidden Becoming Seen...”


Dec - Make This Year Count... See The Positive And Build On That

Nov - How Conscious Are You? Do You Want To Be More Conscious? What Does That Mean?

Oct - Systems Vs. Networks... Do You Recognise The Part You Play?

Sept - Something For The Soul-Seekers...

Aug - “How Do You Feel?” Or “What State Are You In?”

July - Do You Have Keys For Your Spiritual Doors?

June - Frustrated By Your Healing Journey?

May - The Law Of Attraction - “Do You Welcome Everything That Comes Into Your Life?”

April - What Is Karma?

March - “What Would You Do With £1 Million?”

Feb - Looking For New Opportunity? New Job? New Love?

Jan - Your 'A To B' (Part 2) - Connecting With Higher Personal Goals 'Outside Your Box'


Dec - Your 'A To B' For The Coming Year... How Much Do You Want To Achieve Or Heal?

Nov - The Power Of Groups

Oct - What Do You Really, Really Want? What's Your Heart's Intention?

Sept – (No Blog)

Aug - Have You Heard Of “The Ascension Process”?

July - Take A Pyramid Journey...

June - 'Lack Of Confidence' Is A Misconception

May - Useful Self-Empowerment Visualisation Techniques

April - What Is A Fractal? And What Has It Got To Do With Healing?

March - Do We Have Free Will? Yes We Do But…

Feb - LOVE And Its Many Faces

Jan - It's 2012 And What Does This Mean For You?


Dec - Introduction To Chakras

Nov - Your Field As A Puzzle And Its Holes

Oct - A Year Of Illumination... "Ahhh... That's What Needs To Be Done!"

Sept - Who Wants To Heal Themselves?

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