Oct 2018 - Your Journey to Being Whole (6) "The Healing Journey"

So far in this series, I have written about the energy mechanism of Realisations and then how your life is actively shaped by your Intention, which includes the three fundamental ideas of Non-Judgement , Non-Interference and mutually Empowering Relationships . Even though your Intention may be clear and you have a strong idea of how you want to live your life, it still may not be possible just to suddenly wake up one day and make it happen... If you can, then great :) . . . however sometimes the obstacles to change cannot only seem insurmountable but they seem to just keep reoccurring whatever you try!? … And one day you may wake up and realise that life has chipped away at you so much that it is nothing like you at all!?... What can you do? How can you bring yourself back into your life? How can you make a life that is you being you?

Your Healing Journey will be unique for you. Each article in this series came out of my own experience of feeling stuck and the awareness of my energy was of it going round in circles rather than flowing in a creative, enjoyable way... but I trusted my Journey, I used what I knew and at some point a Realisation happened and a door of understanding opened for me.

When you consciously set your intentions to grow, your life can become a series of lessons, some very challenging, which you can view as 'levels of growth'... each one teaching you something in preparation for the next. You may also find that certain key challenges seem to get put into the background even though they are priority to you and may still be a constant worry... gggrrrrr !? What has actually happened is that you are on a path to not just learning to manage and juggle these bigger picture problems but to learn about all aspects of the challenge to achieve resolution so that the problem actually no longer exists. Each level of growth will give you a piece of your puzzle until it is complete and you will then have 'grown out of the challenge'. There will always be the next level of growth... another challenge will always be there but their intensity and your ability to face them will become more focused.

Healing Relationships I wrote last time about Empowering Relationships... the first steps of the Journey to being Whole will be about your Awareness of your Self. Until this is understood and you can maintain your own Energy Space, relationships can be tricky to navigate but again this will unfold as it needs to for your own Healing Journey. See challenges from the World as lessons just for you... face them... learn from them... grow out of them :)

'Your Journey to Being Whole' Series

> (1) Introduction

> (2) Realisation

> (3) Intention – Non-Judgement

> (4) Intention – Non-Interference

> (5) Intention – Empowering Relationships

> (6) The Healing Journey

> (7) The Inner Work

> (8) Attuning Your Life

> (9) Realising Who You Are

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