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I hope to offer Online Healing at a future date. I will developing how I do this and updating this website as necessary. When this is available, I will be offering courses of Case Studies for FREE or BY DONATION so I can assess what works for this form of Healing Work. The plan is to be able to create an effective safe Healing Space together and this is something in development for me :)

I believe it is possible to work in this remote way but, as with all my practitioner development, I need to see evidence and gain experience.

As with In-Person Sessions, I expect the first will be for at least 1 hour and will include a consultation to review your needs and goals.

I think it is also important for remote work to introduce supportive techniques you can practice and use yourself to look after your energy space during and between sessions.

Your Healing and Self-Development Process will be facilitated using remote Kinesiology Muscle Testing and Reiki. This may include using affirmations, verbal statements and questions, drawing, movement, visualisations and may include working not only on your personal energy field but also into your relationship energies. . . . all the Energies and Forms of your Life. 

I find this way of working a very exciting development and one of positives fuelled by the pandemic. Great Challenges can be reframed as necessary Paths of Learning - sometimes very hard to accept . . . Keep stepping forward .

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