Online Healing Sessions

I am currently offering FREE Online Healing Sessions alongside Relationship Coaching (Student) to help me gain experience in this way of working. I am looking for Volunteers, Couples or Individuals, to help me practise and develop how I do this. Do get in touch if you are interested or have any questions.

Your Healing and Self-Development Process and-or Relationship Coaching will be a combination of using my new Coaching Tools alongside remote Kinesiology Muscle Testing and Reiki as needed.

I find this way of working a very exciting development and one of positives fuelled by the pandemic. Great Challenges can be reframed as necessary Paths of Learning & Growth- sometimes very hard to accept and process . . . Keep stepping forward .

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If you would like to book a Healing Self-Development Session, contact me for availability or leave me a message below.

Available: 1 Hour, 1/2 Hour, Individual or Couple, In Person at Clinic or Online :)

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