Feb 2017 - Love... Do you know that you Attract All your Experiences like a Huge Magnet?

I have been looking back at all of my February Posts, I have written about Love... it being Valentine's day this month in the UK. My quest for understanding Love in its energy form has fascinated me by its lack of conclusion and the constant learning! The effects of our complex spectrum of feelings goes far beyond cognitive understanding...

Back in 2012...”Love and its Many Faces” was about the Heart Chakra being our Centre and that Love is the most complex emotion we have, ranging from all that is physical reality – our bodies, health, relationships - to all that is spiritual – inner peace and happiness, personal growth and understanding, aspirations and goals... and as such, the Feeling of Love can be one of the most powerful driving Forces in our lives.

2013... “Looking for New Opportunity? New Job? New Love?” talked about the flow of your natural energy and how life may sometimes flow well or sometimes feel interrupted but for life to work out in a way that you love, honest clarity about your Life and your Goals is fundamental.

2014... “Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone? Exhilarated or Frightened?” looked at how we experience events and how it affects us. It brought in the idea of multi-dimensional perception and that your Body, your Mind, your Deeper Consciousness may all experience things differently. Only coherence of your whole Being, the holistic approach, will bring resolution and heal that inner feeling of discomfort.

2015... “LOVE?!?!?@##@*!?&**” prompted by “WHAT IS LOVE?” being one of 2014's most popular web searches, and still this quote from 2015 is relevant: “Love is far more than any of us can imagine. . . Set the Goal to Love your Life” ...embrace the complexities of all the puzzle pieces ... 

2016... “Does your Life have a Pulse? Do you Feel Alive?” …over the last year I began to understand more about our magnetic presence in the world, which last February I introduced as the “fully-engaged feeling of 'Alive-ness' “ and “Being at One with the World” (Dec 2016)...

And now into 2017... our Magnetic Presence forms from all our physicality, all our thoughts and perceptions, all our feelings about everything, all that we have inherited and acquired. This Presence is what attracts experiences to us and draws us to people and situations and also repels - keeps these away! Your Life is driven from here! If you want to change your Life, maybe you have tried and got frustrated, and maybe you dream of a Greater Life Journey towards more deeply empowering and fulfilling connections and experiences, the ultimate Love Vision, you will need to take responsibility for your Magnetics.

Become Conscious of your every thought and feeling within... Become Conscious of your Presence wherever you are, how You are outwardly feeling... what you are attracting, where you are drawn to. . . if chasing, re-Centre yourself ... Work on having a Clear Vision of a Life you would Love to Live... learn from your Experience. . . Focus your healing attention on where the Magnetics do not work for you :)

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