July 2015 - Mind vs Heart – Thoughts vs Feelings... Do You Know the Difference?

This time last year (July 2014), I asked a similar question funnily enough!?... “Are you Led by your Heart or your Mind?” and concluded then that at the end of the day, when thinking really has not given you the answers and the feelings are confusing, just ask yourself, YOU, “What do I really want to do?” Since then I have pondered on what actually are 'feelings' in terms of healing and subtle energies. I thought I knew enough and as usual I find there is more to the story! 

Feelings appear to be not just another behaviour we have alongside thinking, they seem to be the backdrop to all the thinking that we do; they influence how we think, how we make decisions and how we behave. Our Mind deciphers all our sensory information, creates a form that we can understand, decides a strategy to follow and a response happens. When we cannot find clarity, decide on a strategy or a response, it will usually be because a feeling is confusing this process or overriding logical thought. Another mechanism is at work, another mechanism which is far more than just learned behaviour or strategies; you are experiencing your Self, experiencing an underlying Truth about who you are and what drives you, you are experiencing the Heart of who you are.

We are all individuals; we are all unique. Some of us are driven more by our feelings than logical process; some are driven by logic rather than feelings. In my experience to date, to fully connect however with who you are and to experience an authentic, colourful, meaningful life requires the Mind and Heart to grow in themselves and together and be able to function in harmony, to comfortably be able to decipher the energy of each other and work together.

With regard to self-development and healing... Strong Minds can control Feelings... Strong Feelings can override the Mind. Your own unique path through to Harmony will be personal to you... it can be tough and support in some form may be necessary or you may have to travel some of the Path on your own... whichever way, you decide where to go next, what you need, and where you are heading! You! Ask questions, seek understanding, seek help if you need it! There will always be someone somewhere to listen! <3

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