Apr 2018 - Virtual Reality...

Virtual Reality Technology is one of the new concepts for the Future whereas in the Past, 'Virtual' and 'Reality' had very opposite meanings. This is a very positive dynamic our brains are going to have to learn to process but as with all new levels of human experience, there will no doubtedly be a learning curve. How will this affect our Actual Reality and our Mind-Body interactions? It will surely challenge our definition of Conscious Reality and may manifest behaviour that would usually stay in the Sub-conscious. But it may also be just what we need...
Timelines are a Virtual Concept but are very important for how we organise our Actual Reality. If you cannot set a Virtual Goal and move towards it in your Real Life, life becomes routine and your health may suffer because Nature likes to keep growing and progressing.
Time in the Natural World does not stop; the planet keeps spinning, the sun rises and sets every day and the Universe keeps expanding. But how often have you just wanted to sit and do nothing? And in doing this, suddenly you understand or realise something? Or go to bed early to 'sleep on a problem' and wake the next day knowing exactly what to do?
Healthy Mind-Body Interaction The efficiency of your sub-conscious Mind to process many Virtual Timelines at once and experiment with what would work for you is vital to your conscious wellbeing. Huge amounts of daily information are processed at this hidden level. Meditation, healing therapies and mindfulness techniques all help manage your mind chatter in this sub-conscious arena but it is a skill that needs to be developed and practised. In the Past, life was comparatively more predictable. Now we are in a world with increasing social pressures and global influences, a world that is far more creative and expresses itself more freely. This is causing a whole new dynamic in relationships, a far more complex dynamic to be navigated.
Is Our Body Learning a New Way of Living? Are we learning a new way of being? Our brains are learning to process a far more complex array of criteria and outcomes (see pic). The growth in social media and virtual reality technologies actually reflects the development of our own ability to process more sub-conscious information more quickly and in a seemingly more chaotic but surprisingly organised way! And as we get more adept at this process, we are learning how to relate more intelligently with each other because that is what our subconscious needs to learn to organise itself. Some things do just need to be learnt by physical experience but with the Virtual Reality Gaming, our youngsters are outgrowing old generational patterns and realising the fruitlessness of violence and are choosing to collaborate across nations rather than ridicule and hate. We are still learning how to keep this virtual environment safe but that also reflects us learning how to set our own appropriate boundaries that can create a positive real future for all :)

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