May 2019 - Feeling Vulnerable?... Understanding the Energy Form...

There is an advert on TV at the moment (May 2019) about bullying where a young lad is sat alone in his bedroom, looking very sad as his phone keeps vibrating as he receives text after text... it always pulls at my heart-strings! It is promoting a website which advises about safeguarding children and how to open the conversation with your child and how you can help them. Unfortunately this pattern of disempowering behaviour does not only apply to childhood. One of the first Energy Forms I ever learnt about was how a vulnerability can work against us; it is one of the most fundamental influences on our basic behaviours and possibly the key factor in all our hardships and distress. How does vulnerability appear? How does it work against us? Are we really vulnerable? Can we heal it? Do we need to heal it or is it just a wonderful part of who we are that makes us human? And if so how do we live an empowering fulfilled life?

Our Vulnerabilities Limit Us... Since I started questioning what I really wanted in life and why I seemed to be going round in circles, I began to realise my life had patterns... ways of being that were automated, situations that always played out in the same way, behaviour that was expected, my own expectations and others' expectations. I found that I was going along a path and suddenly it was no longer there... friends / boyfriends / jobs... suddenly changed and I'd be starting from scratch....again!? Sometimes my decision, sometimes the other's, sometimes just circumstances. I enjoyed this 'freedom' until I started to question why I could not move to the next level in my life, further fulfilment and growth in relationships and a career. This is when my fascination with Energy Healing started because it began to give me answers and help me see my vulnerabilities, which had prevented my natural self-development, and it gave me the tools to face and change the limiting patterns step-by-step. . .

Why are we Vulnerable? Vulnerability is defined as 'in danger of being hurt physically or emotionally', 'weak or unprotected'. The Energy Form of a Vulnerability is a Relationship Behaviour Pattern that disempowers some and makes others feel more powerful. If we could isolate our energy from everything else, we would not be vulnerable but what is the deeper cause that makes vulnerability a possibility?

What are you Sensitive about?... What terrifies you or makes you furious?? The logic behind these extreme responses can be very complex and can sometimes be considered irrational but we all have Sensitivities and they are integral to how we behave. Either we express these feelings easily or we bury or disguise them, sometimes very effectively and sometimes it makes us ill or even behave in unexpected ways.

But are you really Terrified or Furious? Last month I wrote about our Qualities of Body, Mind and Chi ... any situation that makes you Vulnerable, pulls at your Sensitivities, is not Chi, is not you and you are caught up in a Behaviour Pattern. Choose to see the Truth of a situation, look honestly at the facts... is it really terrifying or infuriating? Step back within, reconnect with your Chi... wait for inspiration... allow yourself time... If someone else is vulnerable, choose to support their process rather than challenge them... and help them find their truth :)

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