Oct 2012 - What do you really, really want? What's your Heart's Intention?

Have you noticed that if you say a word over and over again it somehow loses its meaning and if asked what the word meant, you would really have to think hard about it for a few seconds and reconnect with its actual meaning to you? We grow up through life being bombarded by media, by expectations from many sources, from family, from friends, from school, from society, until we find our niche in our environment and have fulfilling, happy lives... but do we ever reach this idyllic scenario? Even though your life may look like everybody else's, are you happy and fulfilled? Somewhere along the way you may feel like the 'true real you' was overwhelmed by all this external information and you may look back and realise that you started to conform to the viewpoint of others, started to behave just as everybody else did. You may in the year of 2012 have started to reconsider if your life reflected who you really are. You may feel that you are living a life that doesn't feel real to you or you feel unduly challenged. Why is this?

Moving from Mind-Centred to Heart-Centred Living

This was the challenge of 2012 and beyond. This is the stage of evolution we are moving through (Ref. The Ascension Process, Aug 2012 ). This is what has been talked about since the social revolution of the 60's hippie era! Your Heart is starting to speak and be heard which is comfortable for some but not so for others. The feeling that there is 'more to life' is because of this shift from mind-centred to heart-centred thinking, from living by social rules to actually asking yourself how you really want to live and be. This shift is not just about negating the mind and denying the Ego as is talked about a great deal in the spiritual media but it is about learning in an holistic way from all our life challenges, learning how to integrate the responses of the Mind with the responses of the Heart (how we feel) and the Body (our senses). Only in this way can we function as whole human beings, full of vitality, and be true to ourselves. The more whole and integrated we become, the less stress we feel and embody and the better we harmonise with everything around and within us. The enormity of this Shift is great and will take time but your Truth is within you and improving your connection with your inner voice will help your journey to fulfilment.

Ask Yourself “What do I really, really want?”

Ask again... “What do I really really want?” Ask again... Keep asking and even answering each time until you get to an answer that feels different, feels more true... does the answer surprise you or is it an 'Aha :-)' moment? If it doesn't work for you straight away, try again another day or when it pops into your head at a particularly relaxed time. This begins to set more truthful intentions for your life path and updates your subconscious goals.

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