May 2017 - Life In Gear and On Track or Do you Feel Exhausted and Getting Nowhere?

Last month I wrote about Coincidences and how the more in tune you are with your Self and your surroundings, the more coincidences happen and more of the Life-supporting and Life-Changing Events too. This is all part of our huge personal database, a living breathing active actual and virtual world in which we live. When working with Subtle Energy, I am working with subtle mechanisms which identify our place in the World, the objects and people around us and how we interact with them; our brain and psychology is at the frontline processing and interpreting all this information to decide what to do or how to behave. You can literally sense the cogs whizzing round in yourself or even in someone else when complex thinking is going on! Even when this process is operating well, Life can appear to just sit there, looking the same... The cogs are right, the road is there, you can see your destination and all the actions that need to take place along the way but.... somehow.... the gears don't engage and you are running fast getting nowhere at all...?! This can be very frustrating and when not recognised, can be very debilitating, causing depression, self-blame, guilt, feelings of humiliation.... because you cannot understand why things are not happening.... And people around you may not see any of this inner activity or the positive inspired eager inner you because you just cannot express it and get it moving...
There will be a very Good Reason Why... Somewhere in your Being, you realise that the Life in front of you which seems so hard to get hold of, just doesn't feel right?! This is usually a very personal feeling of something missing... there is an 'And...' to that road ahead, it is not complete and instead of rushing headlong into it, your Being is waiting or trying to find that 'And..' !

My Personal Experience of this 'And...' has been at times very frightening... but looking back, it has been fascinating and has made me realise that our mental health and our crises of whatever form are necessary to break through all the barriers of fear and judgement that limit us on a very deep level in who we are as Individuals. We need to find those missing pieces in our Personal Puzzle so that we can truly engage with a future that is ours! To reach completion we need to have healthy boundaries and be able to trust each other, so that we can be Real and really care and make it ok to talk about vulnerability, find our missing pieces, find what truly makes us human and fulfils us. We need to support each other and relearn how to share our feelings without being scared of the consequences so we can experiment with who we are. Our ability to function and communicate emotionally has been over time greatly distorted and buried causing, I believe, much of the terrifying events and illnesses of Today.

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