Aug 2016 - Reality Check...

It is important when dealing with anything to do with the Mind to be aware of getting drawn into a rabbit hole! ...those cycling thoughts that don't just loop round and round but seem to take you deeper and deeper into your psyche... Even if this isn't a conscious activity for you, when there are feelings of anxiety, part of you will be caught up in something like this...[su_column size="2/5"]
Fight or Flight? It is part of our primal behaviour to assess whether a situation is safe or dangerous and whether to stay and fight or leg it! In caveman times physical survival was paramount... But today is this response relevant? Or are we all still trying to survive in a different way?
Surviving Today? The dangers today are not so obvious and I sometimes wonder whether physical safety is actually worse than psychological safety. Although it is the first thing to ensure, is it worse than the mental torment that seems to be prevalent today which manifests as many forms of depression to the other extreme of feeling angry and being violent?
'Fight or Flight' Still Relevant? Although my view may go against mainstream thought, I think the Fight or Flight response rather than being obselete is still very important but not in quite the same way. It is far more complex today to remain safe... psychologically are we all still in survival mode, worrying about work, money, social acceptance... how many of us consider ourselves to be thriving and achieving our life goals?... do we feel safe to express ourselves?
Still dealing with Physical Safety? The Refugee Crisis in recent times is just part of a complex array of survival themes we face... there is also the new threat of global terrorism to our personal and national security linking into our...
Psychological Safety... I heard recently that Cyber Security is becoming more and more important as we increasingly rely on online communications; there is also a renewed effort in abolishing modern-day slavery!! - people smuggling, enforced labour... this all reflects the psychological activity of our planet... the threats are becoming more 'unseen' than 'in your face' requiring a different type of 'Fight' activity... public protests, reinforcing of national and global identities and collaboration... re-empowering ourselves on a much larger scale... and also...
Reality Checks... Increasingly important is keeping out of the rabbit hole!... to keep us seeing the real facts of the problem rather than reacting in fear and feeding the issue... Physically safe? Yes? Psychologically safe?…. This is under your control although you may need support and help with this... Is what you are facing really a mouse? The interesting healing aspect of this is that when we face our greatest fears within, our outer world becomes safer too! Empower You :)

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