May 2020 - Viral Energies... Was your Life Yours? Is it Now? Want Change or More of the Same?

Last month I wrote about CoViD-19 and how viruses need a host to reproduce and that empowering your own personal space, happening very consciously during this pandemic, supports your health and wellbeing. Viruses are not only Physical Real World parasites affecting our Physical Health, there are also Subtle Viral Energies affecting our thoughts and emotions and our Mental Health. Lockdown has become routine now... what has it shown you? Have you rediscovered an interest or taken up something new? Are you finding it stressful or a relief? Have you reconnected or maintained relationships via social media and videochat with friends, family, colleagues? Have some relationships become more meaningful with more quality time… or some less so? Times like these that have a global effect challenge humanity's psychology and can bring great change to our societies as we all review our individual and collective values, much like WW2 recently remembered on VE Day (8th May). This time however the apparent enemy is unseen which may affect us even more deeply. We are already seeing that recovery from CoViD-19 is not just physical or financial, our mental health will also need time to adjust, heal and progress.

Your Life? Your Space? Last month I mentioned Healing Spaces, which allow us to process our experiences safely, decide what they mean to us and how to move forward. Our sense of Self develops in our first few years of life; we process and absorb many ideas about hows and whys, some we keep, some we discard. At any point in Life however, we may feel uncomfortable, a new idea or experience or something well-established and routine about which you suddenly feel different, causing you to review your own or another's behaviour or attitude. This is a natural developmental process and may indicate that you have become aware of a Viral Energy.

Viral Energies are ways of thinking and feeling that, just like CoViD-19, need a Host to thrive and reproduce and can be equally debilitating and even lead to physical illness. They gain access to us when we are vulnerable or unaware such as during our early developmental years, during or after very stressful times or traumatic events or are already there just because 'this is how it is'. Somewhere within us we may already have or have developed coping mechanisms to stabilise our reality and our deep discomfort. An Event, another person or just new ideas may challenge our adaptations which may have kept us safe before but may also have become out-dated. Time to safely process, discuss, review and heal any such experience is essential because more of your Truth may be coming to light. The challenge for Team Humanity is about embracing all our Individual Uniqueness whilst building Empowering Relationships between all our differences. This pandemic has shown us this is possible... We now have this time <3

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