Nov 2014 - ALL SYSTEMS GO!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if all your dreams came true overnight and you woke up into a day that felt wonderful and flowed magically? I am feeling a little bit like this at the moment which is great... but I must admit that I am waiting for my feet to land back on the ground with a big thud!


What I have noticed is that patterns in my life have changed over the last couple of months... not all of them but there is definitely a change. My Year started off by looking much like those of the previous decade... starting with lots of promise, a project or two begun, but by the Spring, for one reason or another, the energy and momentum in this had faded; most frustrating but strangely as expected. I wrote back in March this year about how we make decisions, about having all the pieces of the puzzle, and how sometimes decisions just make themselves and I pictured this with a shining light bulb (included again here).

This now seems a bit prophetic and has contributed to me feeling life is truly a bit magical. I have been increasingly interested this year in Empowerment, and how our inner power is drained by disempowering thought patterns, which lead to development of further patterns, spiralling into deeply embedded beliefs about self-worth. This may sound a bit dramatic but these hidden patterns are operating behind the scenes in our deeper consciousness and although you may not feel this applies to you, observe your life for a few days and notice the number of occasions when someone puts you down or your opinion is not important...


I have been working with Kinesiology and Reiki since I qualified back in 2002 and I was always frustrated by the lack of fundamental change in my own life even though I was continually learning and using more new and advanced techniques. Often I asked myself “If I've healed something, why are these annoying Life patterns still the same?” I was waiting to see “the Proof”, waiting to see real significant change, waiting to see what I believed was possible but seemed to remain elusive to me... This year seems to be giving me this Proof at last... suddenly aspects of my life are working in Harmony (May '14), Spinning Plates (April '14) are not an issue, and my True Self (Me!) is more evident in my Life... a very exciting time! In sharing my Year with you, I wish to give you hope in your own dreams. Life is about possibilities and bringing into form those that make you smile and your heart sing. The only thing that holds us back is outdated programming... believe in your dreams and make them so <3

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