Dec 2019 - Being Yourself... Can you do this in your Relationships?...

We are coming to the end of 2019 and it is natural to look back and review what has happened over the year and how things have changed, look at achievements or see where you can do better next time... It is natural to review who has been important to you, has caused you to face something or has supported you in some way, natural to want to take time to remember and reconnect with those you may not have seen much but still feel are part of your life. What a special time of year this is! In doing all of this, you are actually reviewing your Relationship Energies as I wrote about last time... the energy between you and your life.

Becoming Whole...Stepping into Your Own Power This is where I started this year, writing about feeling whole and complete, a feeling that I had arrived in my life rather than flowing along juggling circumstances... “Here I am! Loving Life!! ”. As your Relationship Chi evolves, you are on a Journey towards having that feeling with a Group... such as friendships and family... “Here WE are!! Loving Life!!!!”. The Journey can however bring its own challenges because as you become more of your Chi Self (your Truth), your Relationship Chi (“the Dynamic of Us and We ”) also becomes clearer and you begin to isolate disruptive energies. You become aware of hotspots in your life that cause you stress but in facing them, you will begin to relate to them in a way that resolves rather than perpetuates.

Being Yourself... in Relationships? As you progress further with your Relationship Chi, you may become aware that you are not always able to Be Yourself in certain situations or with certain people. You behave in a way that begins to feel uncomfortable or just raises questions in your Mind... “This again?” “How can I do this differently?” “What would work better for me and them/it?” “Do I really want this in my life? Or something else? What else?”... You begin to feel you have a Choice and an influence over your Life... you begin to feel 'Alive ', which I wrote about back in Feb 2016... that feeling of being Present and really engaged with what you are doing and who you are. As your Relationship Chi evolves, your Chi Self continues to evolve too as you develop your Life, face the necessary growth challenges and begin to get excited about your potentials, your Future. . .

Belonging... As your Relationship Energy heals, you may become aware of feeling lonely, feeling that your Life does not really nurture you, that your Needs are not being supported. Remember that how you are relating to the World is changing and updating to be more in tune with who you are. This will eventually bring a feeling of Belonging, true Belonging, where you feel 'at Home' in your Life, it has Value and truly caring people around you. As I wrote back in May 2018 “you are part of a beautiful orchestral World where we each have a place”.

Wishing you All a Wonder-full Festive Season and an Empowering Loving New Year <3

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