Mar 2012 - Do we have Free Will? Yes we do but…

Do you want to read this article? Do you feel it is expected? Has someone asked you to read this? Are you reading this as part of your everyday routine? Do you feel divinely guided to this page? Do you care what you are reading here? Do you find you keep getting interrupted which stops you reading this properly? Helloooo…  have you lost interest already?   These sorts of questions you can ask about other areas of your life too…

The definition according to Wikipedia is:  “Free Will is the ability of agents to make choices free from certain kinds of constraints” and it appears that there is on-going discussion about the actual meaning of this in many fields of science, social studies and religion to do with whether it actually exists or whether it has anything to do with what happens in Reality.

In healing terms, ‘Will’ generally relates to the Throat Chakra and is associated with a sky blue colour and ‘Free Will’ could be any or all of the above because we are all individuals with our own unique database of information and perceptions. We often hear the phrase ‘speak my mind’ or ‘we speak in the same language’ when referring to how we express ourselves not only verbally but also in our behaviour. But how many of us feel we are able to express ourselves freely in our lives and ‘speak our minds’ or do we feel limited and ‘bite our tongues’? Are we limited by a lack of self-confidence, of money, of time, of opportunities or by people, by work, by other commitments? As people we are influenced by our conscious thoughts but there is also influence from the sub-conscious, super(un)-conscious and the collective consciousness, the latter being that of our environment (family, community, culture, nation, etc). Whatever the reasons, your Throat Chakra will be expressing all this information in varying degrees and the quality of your voice and communication abilities, both verbally and behaviourally, and the health in this part of the body will all be reflective of this.What is ‘Free Will’ really?

Isn’t Free Will simply just that: ‘being able to express yourself freely and easily’? Being able to move from situation to situation, dealing with circumstances, finding solutions to problems, being creative, feeling fulfilled and inspired, expressing emotions, having conversations… just being yourself… and what is this? It’s called ‘Flow’ and refers to how well your subtle energies flow around your Whole Being and between you and your environment and when we talk about ‘Healing’, we are actually talking about resolving the blocks which stop your subtle energies flowing easily. So being aware of where your life does not flow is a crucial skill if you want your life, or even just your perceptions, to change. Change within will initiate change without, just start being aware of yourself.

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