Feb 2015 - LOVE?!?!?@##@*!?&**

Frustrated by it? Enjoying it? Challenged by it? Confused by it? Overwhelmed by it? Disappointed by it? Drained by it? Angered by it? Frightened by it?! … How many more ways does 'Love' manifest and influence our lives?!

“WHAT IS LOVE?” This question was one of 2014's most popular web searches and so it appears to continue to be something that fascinates or maybe perplexes many of us. Love is a 'Feeling', which may sound obvious but what are Feelings? Which of your five primary senses detects Feelings? Is a Feeling seen, heard, smelt, tasted or touched? No? Yes? What Feels? So what is a Feeling?

Feelings are what make us Human; they put us in touch with a deeper level of who we are. We are not robots; we all consider our actions relative to the situation and the people involved. There is no golden rulebook that determines the same correct response given a certain set of circumstances. Every situation even if it looks the same will be different because each of us is unique. Every situation will be unique. Feelings are far more complex than just assessing sensory feedback; they involve us perceiving also what a particular situation means to us as an individual and then responding as such. Understanding your Feelings requires a particular level of consciousness and awareness; it is a skill to be learnt and is rarely an innate ability.

So... “ What is LOVE? ”

Love is the most important Feeling you can have! It incorporates the Love you have for every part of your Life... it is not just about Romantic Love on Valentine's Day, or the Love you feel for your children or your partner, your siblings, your parents, or the Love for your friends... or your job, your favourite interest or hobby, or your pets, your Love of certain foods, your car / bike... Love in its entirety includes all of these and the rest... and all the inter-relationships between all these as well. Magical and overwhelming all at once. When we 'Fall In Love', our whole Life and the World around us takes on an exciting new Feel – everything is more colourful, more beautiful, more joyful, more wonderful...

Love can be a bit of a Puzzle . . . If you can complete it then everything - You, your Life, all your relationships will be sorted... or will they? The paradox of Love is that on completing your puzzle, the boundaries shift and you realise there is more to the puzzle than you thought?! Keep growing into your Puzzle, enjoy the euphoria, those blissful times when everything is right with the World... embrace the deeper complexities of your puzzle pieces that appear and remember that 'Love' is far more than any of us can imagine... Set the Goal to Love your Life <3

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