Nov 2019 - Relationship Chi... The Dynamic of 'Us' and 'We'

This year I have been writing about Chi , your True Energy, 'no thought, no effort, just is' and that when you feel centred in your Chi Energy, as your Chi Self, everything seems to flow easily and help or inspiration appears when you or the situation needs it. An important part of this was also to recognise when you are caught up in someone else's flow or the energy of a bigger situation and to be able to recentre and find your Place within that. When this is achieved, you are able to make your own choices, respond rather than react, have your needs met as part of the whole rather than just serving the situation or playing a role.

Relationship Energy When being Centred still presents you with uncomfortable situations or irrational anxiety, your Relationship Energy is the next dynamic to observe. If you feel immersed in a situation but still feel disconnected or not valued or noticed or you find yourself behaving in a way that you know is not you but still feels right then it may not be your own personal energy that needs healing; it may be that Relationship Energy Patterns are playing out, not just for you but everyone or everything involved. This is a far more complex energy form to heal because it is bigger than you, involves more people, and will have its own character and ways of being and doing. In conventional terms, this is known as Herd Mentality or Mob, Pack or Gang Mentality but in its simplest basic form, Relationship Energy forms from just two people.

Healing Relationship Energy If we review the Journey with Chi over this year, I started with the clarity of your Chi Self, you feel grounded and clear in who you are and “any activity… does not really feel like an activity that you are doing, it is more like you are flowing... in your own unique way...” The challenge then becomes about maintaining this Chi Flow as your Chi Self. Part of this process is your Whole Being learning how to evaluate all the ingredients of your life and their relative importance to each other and to you, resulting in a feeling of peace within, a feeling of coming home to yourself. When this happens, you as your Chi Self is more stable and robust and your Relationship Energy begins to become clearer and rather than feeling anxious or thwarted all the time, you will see that some relationships are easy and collaborative and some uncomfortable and disjointed. You are now experiencing each relationship on its own merits rather than the difficult ones colouring everything.

Relationship Chi Just as you have developed your own Chi Self and clarity of your Relationship Energies, some of your Relationships may start to develop more towards being in Chi form. Evidence of this will be more collaboration, plenty of sharing of ideas and opinions without any discomfort and decisions will seem to form themselves out of discussions. Some relationships however may need conscious work towards this and some may just drop away as you update your World. Keep believing in Better <3

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