Nov 2016 - Centred with Inner Peace or Chasing Your Tail?

Everything is enjoyable when you are in a flow with life... this time of year (Nov), many of us (here in the UK) have started hunting for the right Christmas presents for each of our loved ones... one that seems to fit them perfectly which will bring you joy in giving and them joy in receiving. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all our interactions could be like this? If all our conversations could bring joy and inspiration? :) But it is hard isn't it when that elusive perfect present can't be found?! …when circumstances even seem to be stacked up against that perfect synchronicity ?!

When you are Centred, you feel an inner peace and your connection with your environment becomes more attuned, you begin to sense an inner understanding about the current moment, about where to go, what to say, how you are feeling, what you want to do... you are more in tune with yourself... everything seems to fit together properly and rather than being a still feeling, it is actually a wonderful flow of joy and inspiration... you being you in tune with life around you. Instead of hunting for that present, you find yourself in the right shop with it right in front you and its saying “pick me up! :)”

Why is Inner Peace so Elusive?
Becoming Centred requires that you can manage all the interactions between yourself and your surroundings in a way that keeps you empowered and able to respond in the moment in a way that is constructive and positive for all involved. It is a skill. It requires the ability to think clearly in the moment, assessing very quickly all the factors and coming to a conclusion about what to do next. It requires understanding about yourself, about the circumstances, about the other people involved and how to be part of bringing all that together and move forward.

Finding your Centre is Key  As humans with all our experiences that have built us up and pulled us down, that have shaped who we are and how we behave, being Centred is a skill that needs to be learnt and practised. From my holistic understanding professionally and personally, the only way I have found more peace is through healing step-by-step the challenges in my life. I have begun to stop chasing solutions which I have found exhausting and I have become aware of vulnerabilities in myself that I was running away from, putting a brave face on, without even knowing it, stuff that was driving me. When Centred, you become the one in the driving seat and you know exactly where you need to go next. You start to attract positive and empowering influences into your Life without all the running around. You begin to connect with and value yourself and those around you on a much deeper level. For starters... take a few deep breaths, rest in the moment... do this often!!! ... Then you will know what presents to get :)

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