Feb 2019 - Being Yourself…

In concluding my Series last month on Being Whole , I have felt a bit unclear about what was next for me. I have reached the Goal I set myself when I first started writing this page back in 2011, the Goal that for me was THE destination of my Journey . . . that feeling of completeness and grounding within . . . that feeling that you will intuitively know the answers when needing to make decisions and will have inner clarity in every moment ?! . . . But instead I have felt a bit overwhelmed, not really with confusion or uncertainty but more a feeling that I am on the edge of great excitement, that sort of excitement that you cannot hold in and you have to share with everyone and everything!! :)

Stepping into Your Own Power “Empowering the Inner You” has been my tag line all along because from my experience of working with Reiki and Kinesiology, I saw the healing process was actually holistic self-development, where you face the energy of any problem, see your vulnerability and then transform it into a strength, gradually resolving disempowering patterns that keep you limited in your thinking, in your behaviour and subsequently limited in life.
So step by step you are stepping into a more empowered version of who you are until you are Whole but how do I explain this feeling of rising excitement within . . . 

Chi… your Vital Energy, Your own Personal Power
Chi or Ki is the circulating life energy that in Chinese philosophy is thought to be inherent in all things. It is the energy of Rei-Ki, the energy of the Universe facilitating all life, a healing force in nature. I have taken Reiki for granted since my original training back in 2002 and my knowledge was experiential rather than a full understanding of what it actually was and have not really questioned it until now. Also back in July 2015, I wrote about 'Empowering the Human Heart ' and the '9 Virtues' discussed amongst Philosophers that are the “essential qualities of the awakened heart” such as Authenticity and Mercy. They are not considered achievements to be attained or practised but are our natural state when we embody our innate Self. In recent weeks, this is all starting to make a bit more sense and I get the feeling that Chi is an energy that has no thought, no effort, just is. It is our own individual power. It is who we are. From this energy, we create. So you do not really experience your Chi energy, you are Chi energy, no thought, no effort, just are. Any activity from this state does not really feel like an activity that you are doing, it is more like you are flowing in your own unique way. No longer stepping through vulnerabilities, facing and resolving but flowing confidently and easily with all the things you love :) As I said last time . . . press Life's Play button . . . set this as your Goal . . . to Enjoy the Flow . . . to Love your Life! :)

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