June 2012 - 'Lack of Confidence' is a Misconception

What actually is 'CONFIDENCE' ?

Google Definitions:- 1) The feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust: “we had every confidence in the staff”. 2) The state of being certain about the truth of something.

In these definitions, TRUST seems to be the key factor, a knowing, a certainty. So, in subtle energy healing terms, what is important is what you are being when there is this 'lack of confidence'; you are actually being 'vulnerable' or 'overwhelmed'. It is also probable in this state to be unusually sensitive to the quantum energy of other people and so may not only be exhibiting your own 'lack of confidence' but also that of those around you who seem very confident, which only compounds the feeling of 'not being as good as them'.

Steps to being Self-Confident (or organising your subtle information more efficiently)

1) Create an Effective Subtle Boundary – visualisation techniques are usually used for this and when used regularly will become innate. They help to filter out and block the energy of others so that you are only sensing your own feelings. How can you be certain of something if your own Self-Information is mixed up with theirs?

My personal favourite is 'My Greenhouse' - Imagine being inside a clear glass greenhouse in a beautiful garden and landscape; decorate it as you wish inside and out with whatever you love and helps you feel comfortable. When feeling vulnerable or overwhelmed, imagine sitting inside, lock the doors, whitewash the windows, add padlocks and anything else which helps you feel safe.  Stay like this until you feel at ease again. Maybe use at bedtime at first and then whenever you feel the need.

2) Learning How to Focus Yourself:  When you are able to create an effective border with your environment, you will start to feel more confident (read as 'less vulnerable'). As a natural part of this process, your subtle Self (sub-conscious) will start to be able to reorganise your own subtle information in a more user-friendly way.  As this happens over time, your innate ability to focus and see situations more clearly will improve.

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