Jun 2017 - Keys... Open Doors and Much More...

I have included a picture here from 2013 when I wrote about having 'Keys for your Spiritual Doors ', doors being what you need to discover, open and step through to move along your Life Path, to unlock your potential and find what you feel is missing. This follows on from my recent topic of coincidences ... it has always fascinated me how the Law of Attraction works even across great distances in time and place to bring you to that chance meeting with a seemingly random stranger!? Subtle Energy Keys seem to be behind this phenomenon and there is far more to them than just opening a door.

SUBTLE KEYS? Back in 2013 I wrote “Rather than being a key to a lock, a Subtle Key is more like a code-breaker to help you decypher information in your Subtle Field; a puzzle piece which suddenly makes the picture become clear and everything starts to make sense”... stress or illness may drop away or change form. Recently I have realised other attributes of Keys which explain why life can still get stuck or continue to be confusing or challenging.
YOUR VALUES IN YOUR LIFE It has baffled me many times when with all good intentions, life around me seems to have read me in completely the wrong way... confusing conversations, wounded trust, misinterpreted actions, arguing over trivia, money lent and not repaid... these all seem to be linked with my Keys not being based on my own Personal Values... somewhere a distortion has crept in and now a particular key is becoming matched up with the wrong door which, when opened, is not what you expected!? You may feel surprised but this can also cause much self-doubt over time if it keeps happening because you cannot understand it – this will eventually reflect in your confidence and wellbeing because your brain is always trying to make sense of everything... further distortions creep in. Rather than thinking that you have done something wrong, it may be better to set aside time to review your Personal Values and find ways of ensuring that your Life reflects these... Do you put aside your wishes for others? Do you regularly sacrifice your own self-care or follow other people's opinions rather than your own because it is easier or you feel you should? Begin reviewing such circumstances, start with something small, easy and safe where you can express yourself in your own way.
YOUR DRIVE, YOUR MOTIVATION When you open that door and it all feels right but you have no enthusiasm, no motivation to step through it and engage with what's next... your Keys may lack Teeth!! This relates to last month's topic of being 'in Gear'... your gears have lost their teeth and cannot engage; they need to be restored. You can see how this happens over time in real life with wear-and-tear... well this happens with us too. It stops great intentions in their tracks but they can be restored... Live Consciously... Engage and Shape every Moment where you can! Don't just Follow! … Ask... Do I agree with this? How would I like it to be different? :)

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