Apr 2014 - Spinning Too Many Plates?

Do you ever feel like you are trying to keep too many plates spinning? Or too much on one plate? Work, health, family, friends, me-time, money, cars, home, the World...? The lists may feel endless sometimes... How about if all of it was on one plate, properly proportioned to suit you and healthy from every perspective? Wouldn't that feel easier to manage? How about if it all kept spinning on its own without you having to keep it going? Wouldn't it just be great to enjoy it all, be part of it but not feel responsible for all of it? Be able to flow with life, grow and enjoy, rather than it all feeling like it's a matter of survival and avoiding 'CRASHES'?

No Easy Answers... But Solutions Are There

There are no quick fixes, as much as we would all like there to be! We are constantly evolving and however much I would like to wave a magic wand and make everything better, it really is not possible and what does that really mean? - “make everything better”... what works for some does not always work for others. Through my growth as a Kinesiologist and in Life, I began to notice that when one horizon was reached, a healing or personal goal had been achieved, one plate began to spin happily on its own, another then appeared or an existing one crashed. As I delved into the world of subtle energy and healing, I began to realise there were layers upon layers of plates, not just mine, far too much for me to deal with! Many times I came to the point of saying “Ok, I can't do any more!” but then I felt inspired, remembered all the plates I had dealt with already and realised that I was being challenged to see the next step...

So What Next? Where Are the Solutions?

I realised that the problems around me were not really the issue, ie. the number of plates and what was on them did not really matter. What mattered was my ability to see all the plates clearly, how they were organised, see all the interactions and recognise which were mine or someone else's; the subsequent courses of action then seemed to flow from there. The fundamental first step of seeing clearly is part of the process of becoming more Conscious, becoming aware of yourself, your own abilities, your responsibilities, your choices, your aspirations, your needs and not just what you have been told is right for you but what actually feels right for you. As you get more in touch with this inner 'knowing', you will progressively feel more empowered, your plate-spinning becomes more effortless and your Life starts to blossom :)

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