Aug 2017 - Has your Life Got Momentum ??! Not Enough or Too Much?

Does your Life consistently and enjoyably flow from one moment to the next? Do you Love everything about it? Is it coherent or a bit random and challenging? Does it confuse you sometimes and you are left feeling stressed and not knowing the right course of action? Or does it run on full pelt with you feeling you cannot change anything? I have written before about how life can feel chaotic but that actually there are deeply held complex patterns of behaviour at work; I have also written about Love being one of the most powerful driving forces in our lives but so is any powerful emotion such as anger or fear. Is this what gives us our Momentum? And do we have a choice when we feel compelled to behave or react in a certain way? Can we step away from the Patterns? What actually is Momentum?
Momentum is defined as 'the quantity of motion of a moving body' or 'the impetus, driving power of a physical object or course of events'. It is that feeling when running downhill and you cannot stop... it feels compelling, flowing, pushing you on... Should life feel like this? Is it under your control? Are you deciding your destiny or are you being carried along by others or life situations – relationships, heath or work? Or do you just feel still with no momentum at all?
Momentum Forms... beyond your feelings and emotions about every day events, beyond all the thinking about personal goals and all the desire about what you want and how you want to achieve it, beyond all the building of your security and stability in the world, beyond all this, there is a much deeper influence on our existence which can upset all the rest.... one that I have only started to sense fairly recently due to it usually being drowned out by everything else...!?
Your Reason WHY... What gets you really motivated? What do you feel passionate about? What excites you or makes you feel really happy? What CAUSES you to take ACTION? . . . This is your WHY! When you have not found your WHY or have become disconnected from it (through life disappointments or trauma), life can become routine, without direction, still or frustrated because your search for fulfillment never satisfies. Cyclical negative behaviour or continued life obstacles and 'bad luck' can also result from your WHY not being harmonised.
But It's Not Just YOU!! This is going on for everyone. We are not isolated individuals. Our social groups, I believe, are formed from common Causes, a deep interconnected momentum we are all innately drawn to. But the flip side to that as well is becoming aware of being attracted to disempowering self-destructive connections when Causes have become distorted and social behaviour is divisive or abusive. Resolve to make your Actions mutually empowering. . . keep safe . . . step forward in who you are <3

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