Nov 2017 - There's More to You Than Everyone Sees...

Ever felt like you were not achieving your potential? Felt like opportunities just weren't appearing for you? Not meeting the right people... job not inspiring... distractions / problems getting in the way of you living your life? Feel others have lost sight of who you really are and just don't see you? Or have you lost your Sense of Self in the World too?
Mind Maps - How we make Sense of the World...
We all have the most amazing ability to process information on so many levels, both conscious and sub-conscious. We make sense of everything by creating a Mind Map for ourselves, detailing our understanding of our Past, Present and Future and how we relate to our surroundings. This is continuously evolving and is coded into your subtle quantum field and influences all your interactions. I originally wrote about this here in June 2015 when I presented this picture of my understanding with “Feeling Stuck? Trying Hard to Change Things Without Success?”
The Inner Circle is your Everyday How-To's; as you step outside of this 'comfort zone', you face progressively more complex personal challenges and a myriad of possibilities for your life based on all your potential skills. Clear Development Paths may already be in place without you realising it including the necessary opportunities to help you achieve them. This is a subtle multi-dimensional activity as well as being grounded in Reality in your Conscious Self. As you step forward along your Path, you learn about these greater complexities of who you are; you integrate them into your Everyday, your Mind Map updates and you are ready for your next step. The more of your Mind Map that is involved at any one time, the greater the effect on you as a person, potentially stimulating great motivation and personal growth but can also cause overwhelming stress, and maybe illness if you are not able to process and shape all aspects in a way that keeps you focused and on track... this is part of the challenge... part of your Journey!
The more empowered you are, the more supported and the more knowledgeable you are about your Self and your experience, the greater the potential for efficient focused self-development. Unfortunately our Energy Fields and Mind Maps are not as clear as the picture and can be very complex patterns to unravel but the Potential is there for everyone.  You may need to visualise a Healing Space when doing more focused Self-Development work <3

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