July 2014 - Are you Led by your Heart or your Mind? Your Soul or your Spirit? Something Else?

Someone recently said to me that their Heart and their Mind did not agree... their feelings wanted one course of action and their logical rational mind wanted another. So I asked them... “But what do YOU want to do?” This inner debate has looped around inside my own head many times during my life about many things; it seems to be very much part of the human experience. I have always found however that some decisions or events just happened without much thought or deliberation, my life had a natural flow like an innate knowing of what was needed for where I was going. This feeling of 'innate flow' has been with me throughout my life but became more important and consciously more interesting when I began training in holistic health. I began to understand what was behind this feeling of being carried through my experiences, about the backdrop of subtle energies which are largely unexplained scientifically. When studying the Mind-Body interface with Kinesiology, I really began to appreciate how complex we humans really are but also how simple it can be!

What is Real? What is Innate? How do you know which Thoughts or Feelings to Follow?

In all my experience with Healing and Self-Development, I always refer back to my Reality, my physical world, what feels 'right', what feels innate, and then I relate it to the subtle healing activity I see going on. I see small changes here and there, I see progress but the further I look into the Human Psyche, the more complex the picture seems to get but do all these inner thoughts have to fill or guide your Reality? Ask yourself that simple question “What do I want to do?” Ask it until you get an answer from somewhere other than just your Mind or Heart. Try it...

At this stage in global and human evolution, there are many previously hidden taboos surfacing, distressing news stories and crises in many areas of our Society. To me, this is a positive sign of growth and awareness and is showing us the complexities in our Minds but I have also found it very unsettling and challenging to my belief that a harmonious life is achievable and that relationships can be simple! Learning how to rewire deeply ingrained disruptive thought patterns can be overwhelming and seemingly impossible sometimes but it is necessary if you want an authentic life true to who you are, a life that feels innate and flows naturally. Your Mind cannot be side-stepped, your thoughts create your Reality, be aware of when your Mind, Body, Higher Self, Spirit... do not agree. Step back, review, and then ask yourself, YOU ASK YOURSELF . . . . “What do I really want to do?”. . . reconnect within. . . <3

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