Nov 2013 - How Conscious are You? Do you want to be more Conscious? What does that mean?

As we enter the 'Christmas Fever' season and we open up our awareness from our own daily routine and start to think more widely about our families and friends, celebrations and presents, spirituality and/or religion, it is also probable that you wonder where this year went and what it meant to you and those close to you. It may not be until you reflect that you realise what you have been through, how it has challenged you and how you may have grown in your perspective. This is you becoming Conscious but the actual definition of 'Consciousness' seems to be multi-faceted but is it? It seems to be one of those mystifying ideas beyond quantifiable specifics.

Definition of 'Consciousness' (from various sources):

  1. The state of being conscious; awareness
  2. A sense of one's personal or collective identity, including the attitudes, beliefs, and sensitivities held by or characteristic of an individual or group
  3. Full activity of the mind and senses, 'awake'
  4. Awareness of something for what it is; inner knowledge eg. 'right or wrong', 'good or bad'
  5. Special awareness or sensitivity
  6. Alertness to or concern for a particular issue or situation
  7. 'The Conscious' (Psychoanalysis).

We talk about 'raising consciousness', 'not being conscious of our mistakes', 'being unconscious'; a variety of subtly different meanings but also subtly the same.

'Consciousness is Awareness'

This seems to me to be the simplest of definitions. We as humans have five primary senses and also a subtle sense, your 'Sixth Sense', and all these together will create your ability to be aware. These initial sensory inputs are key to how you understand the world, your environment, other people, and of course yourself. Your senses will become more intelligent and help you become more conscious when you intentionally and objectively begin observing the life around you, your inner world and your interactions with both. When you are familiar with how this process works, when you can see where things need to change or when you start to want change... then possibilities for greater awareness, increased Consciousness, will occur and at this time in history it appears to be happening anyway everywhere! Go with the Flow - Observe - Be Conscious <3

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