Sept 2013 - Something for the Soul-Seekers...

I usually write to share something about how healing works and the mechanisms involved when it takes place but have recently felt inspired by others to write something more personal and maybe help validate some of your own Soul-Seeking journeys in search of that missing something, wholeness, health solution, whatever has driven you to date.

My journey started in my teens with a fascination of how the world worked and how it was modelled by science and maths; just seemed incredible to me how an equation told you how fast a car would be going after a certain distance accelerating at a certain rate. This lead me to training as an Aerodynamics Engineer, which brought me to Airbus at Filton in Bristol. But after 10 years I was still missing something and I ended up travelling a bit and retraining in Sports Therapy, my attention being drawn to human mechanics rather than planes. Then, in Bristol, I discovered Kinesiology, which felt much like that equation in my teens – an explanation and a means to understanding what was going on in the subtle world – the missing part of my personal puzzle. Others see my life path and wonder why I did not stay an engineer but to me, looking back, at each stage I needed to step outside the box in which I found myself and now it all fits together perfectly – having taught me about the Mind, the Body and about the Subtle and how all this works together to connect us within ourselves, to each other and to the World. After over a decade working with Kinesiology, I continue to be challenged in how complex we as humans are and it satisfies my continued fascination and intrigue with nature, physics and health to still be able to have questions that need answers! And also to keep getting answers which lead me forward, raising my understanding to another level leading to more questions...

I hear in science all the time about aspects of understanding that are missing, holes in the maths that need assumptions, outcomes of experiments that elude explanation then someone makes a new discovery... science steps outside its box and moves into a greater understanding... humanity evolves.. and the cycle perpetuates... bigger box... more new to be discovered...

Where I used to question my obsession with seeking understanding about the World around me and within, I have not been able to heal myself out of it :) I now realise that it is just who I am and it keeps me interested in life and fascinated by all there is yet to learn... my advice now to anyone is to keep asking questions, seek understanding, it is there :) Keep climbing out of the boxes you find yourself in and reconnect with the wonder life has to offer <3

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