Oct 2015 - Is Your Life Hardwired? Are you Fed up with “That's just the Way it is”?!

We are coming up to the end of 2015, the Festive Season will soon be upon us with all it's frenetic sparkle! It is a Season where we generally socialise more and appreciate our friends and family for their part in our lives by sending cards and giving presents. For some of you it is a very spiritual time on an inner personal level too and maybe you feel closer to your Religion. For some of you however it is a very stressful time having to meet the expectations of such a Tradition-laden time... perhaps you would like to spend this time doing something else? Do you feel more anxious thinking about doing that?!

Ever wondered why it's so Hard to go against Tradition? In my meanderings around the subtle energies of our sub-conscious and how it affects our health, I have come across deeper and deeper embedded patterns of behaviour and as the complexity grows the actual form of the quantum energy transforms too; it is not just the same pattern on another level?! This year, I came across Hardwiring...

By definition, 'Hardwiring' is wiring that is fixed, constant and unchanging. In healing terms, this is exactly how it feels... no movement, not stuck but 'quiet'... 'That's just the way it is'! It has been one of the most challenging forms for me to work with because it requires over-riding this overwhelming idea that it is untouchable and inaccessible; it actually has required a different approach to the 'softwiring'.

Remember your Science?
It struck me recently that this all reminded me of the structure of gas, liquid and solids as in the diagram. Gas particles move freely with very loose affinities and fill the available space... > free-thinking, creative, easily changed behaviours. Liquid molecules have a stronger attraction between them but move around within this form > “softwiring” much like the flow of our general daily lives. Solid forms are solid! … Society and cultural rules, family and inherited patterns and long-held Traditions... with very strong bonds. Hardwired Forms are not in isolation from the rest of you; they are a culmination of all your heritage, belief systems and experience and underpin the ground you walk on. If you are comfortable then all is well but if you have deep-seated, sometimes overwhelming and irrational feelings of anger, fear, or victimisation, it may be something Hardwired! Everything can be changed, everything is energy, timescales and the path of change are Yours! … and are Ours as Humanity! Envision a brighter future, follow your inner guidance, research, seek help and understanding <3

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