Aug 2015 - Empowering The Human Heart, Empowering Our Virtues

My discussion about 'Feeling' (July 2015) , was prompted by a Talk I went to during Bristol's Big Green Week in June where we looked at work done by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) on 'The Virtues of the Human Heart'.  Human Virtues seem to have also been discussed by other Thinkers such as Goethe (1749-1832), Aristotle (384-322 BC) and more recently by a Bolivian spiritual teacher Oscar Ichazo (born 1931), who developed the Enneagram describing personality types based on 9 Virtues. Ichazo calls them “essential qualities of the awakened heart”. He suggests that these Virtues are not achievements to be attained or practised but are our natural state when we embody our innate Essence, our True Self, our Spirit. He also suggests that if we lose touch with a Virtue, it may become our passion to retrieve it.

Virtues and the Human Heart - By definition, Virtues are 'desirable' qualities and so suggest that we, as Humans, do not naturally behave in this way. In Healing terms from my perspective, all these virtues begin to manifest when your Energy Field begins to focus and you begin to feel re-empowered as your own person... then these become a more innate way of Being... no thought, no effort, just is.

Healing the Human Heart - Healing the Human Heart is an inner journey and one that we can see in the World and when our closest relationships become very challenging. It can cause much conflict within and outwardly much confusion and anger. The Energy of the Heart is very central to who we are; it is a hub of activity, not only physically as seen in our circulatory and immune systems but also emotionally and also in how we think. In July, I wrote about the Energy of Feeling and of Thinking and how they can operate in harmony or in opposition; each will have its own definition of the 'Heart', its own blocks, its own values, its own conflicts within, its own gaps in understanding... How we develop and value our relationships at this time in history is changing with all the social media activity. Making conscious decisions about your relationships, their form and whether they nurture or drain you is crucial to your own development. Follow your Heart, both in thought and feeling, consciously work towards harmony <3

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