Sept 2019 - Making Choices... Is it as Simple as Black or White?

My theme this year has been about Chi , your Personal Power, your true Way of Being. I wrote last month about that feeling of belonging and of truly valuing others, being valued and valuing your own contribution. I also talked about being fully involved with everything but still feeling isolated... Realising , making Real, your Chi Self begins to unravel how you make your Choices and brings new awareness and questions about how you actually want life to be rather than how it has had to be. It can bring some emotional moments that feel confusing and frightening as your energy updates... and you sub-consciously go through a re-evaluation of your Self, your Life and your Relationships. You start to embody a far bigger picture of who you are and your potentials. The choices you are making stop becoming black or white and become a far more complex choice, a polarity of many factors...

Black or White? Is this how you Choose? You may be Limiting Yourself... As people, we carry a huge database of information on who we are, based on inheritance and experience. When we make a choice, we look at our database on many levels – conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious, past experience, future plans, aspirations, the needs of Now. It may be very clear that you choose A or B but have you ever been overwhelmed by a situation and cannot decide, you just feel baffled or confused or even angry or frightened. When we cannot decide, it makes us feel vulnerable. Your brain cannot easily process the information associated with the decision but it will try to make sense of it in whatever way it can and that dictates behaviour. If the factors to making a decision are too many, too intense, too conflicting, too difficult to understand, our brains form behaviours and a life that limits our choices. This plays out as missed opportunities, lives about survival, being stuck and unfulfilled, being unhappy and stressed, angry or judgemental... because we just cannot see beyond the A or the B option.

Working with a Bigger Picture Consciously accepting that the right choice may be a bit of both A and B can be a huge step. It is the ability to not jump to judgement but actually start to see both sides of a situation and allow your unconscious mind to play around with the puzzle that is being created; some factors may be more important than others, relationships may need to be changed, resolved or discarded. One of the most significant factors is your Chi and bringing in what really matters to you and not just making something work or fit in with everything else in life. Eventually that 'ding' moment of clarity happens and the choice makes itself... Step forward :)

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