July 2016 - Mind or Body in Charge? Are You? Are You your Mind? Are You your Body?

This is an age-old idea discussed within many philosophies, faiths, sciences especially over the last two millenia . . . in recent centuries, the body has been viewed like a machine with symptoms of illness being seen as errors in its functioning; the Mind being like the CPU sending out instructions to enable the Body. But where do we fit in as Individuals? Is Consciousness, our Individuality, just an illusion? What makes us human and not just a machine following instructions? How do You see Yourself?
Are Your Mind and Body Separate? Do You See Yourself as Part of These or Separate too?
This is not a question most people ask themselves until there is a health or behavioural issue that is causing concern or you want change in your life. The conventional medical approach still is to treat the Mind differently from the Body although both thankfully nowadays may be part of the overall plan.
As an holistic practitioner, I very much see and experience the Mind and Body and my idea of Self as a very complex multi-dimensional energy relationship, both physical and subtle, conscious and sub-conscious. Ill Health to me, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, is part of the journey of bringing each of these back into harmony with the others on all levels of our Being. It sounds complex and it is... a continually evolving journey of self-exploration. This is why I see the Holistic Therapies as Self-Development rather than just 'getting better'. There are still many uncomfortable human conditions which we cannot control, eradicate or even fully understand which is why continuing curiosity, science and experimentation is so much part of humanity... constantly evolving, being challenged, seeking solutions, developing knowledge. If you look at the bigger picture of the World, especially recently with the Brexit Referendum, we are still learning how to relate to each other socially and politically... we most certainly are not experts and we have yet to find what truly works for everyone to be happy and fulfilled! It is probable to me that when we do find what works, we will also find all our major diseases begin to disappear... how wonderful that would be! Seek win-win in all your relationships – let your heart smile :)

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