Aug 2012 - Have you heard of “The Ascension Process”?

I mentioned in 'It’s 2012 and what does this mean for you? ' (originally written in Jan 2012) about several large natural cycles of time coinciding in their completion this year: Mayan records mention a 26,000 year Mayan Calendar cycle, a 78,000 year Earth cycle and a 26 million year Earth cycle and the 225 million Galactic Year. The latter is the time in Earth years for the Milky Way Galaxy to make one complete rotation in the sky and the completion of which is said to mark the “birth of creation into a new reality”. The Mayans believed that when this Galactic year ended, marked by the date December 21st 2012, humans would reach a point of transformation much like “the transformation of a caterpillar into a Monarch butterfly”; this whole evolutionary process is known as 'The Ascension Process'. It is particularly interesting that not only is humanity considered to be 'Ascending' at this time but also the planet Earth and so this is a very significant global process affecting everything and everyone. Over recent decades, we have been exposed to an unprecedented growth in technology, fuelled greatly by the rapid expansion of the internet and the increasing desire of us humans to network with each other across the Globe and share all sorts of information at the touch of a button. There have also been dramatic changes in governments, greater global awareness, more environmental consciousness but also changes in the Earth's activity and structure, such as more frequent and powerful earthquakes and more extreme weather conditions.
What does 'Ascension' actually mean?
Definition: 'the process of moving to a higher level or position'. Humanity's evolution has been driven by a desire to know more and to solve problems and we have learnt to process increasingly complex information, such as seen in the telecommunications industry and with the popularity of smartphones. In healing terms, this translates into the ability of your Subtle Field to sort and process new or complex subtle energy forms, bring them into focus and then form them into reality. The higher the complexity or volume of information being processed, the higher the subtle processing level needed, hence the 'Ascension Process'.
How is Ascension affecting us?
Of course we all have varying abilities as individuals but we are all being exposed to this current rapid evolutionary growth. Not all of us have the ability or the desire to update our 'innate programming' automatically but change is unavoidable as we ascend. Symptoms of Ascension vary depending on your individual 'toolkit' for life but you may have felt 'stuck', 'lost', overwhelmed by life, confused or just frustrated by your own lack of focus. In recent weeks this may have been transforming into the desire to 'sort your life out' or just feel better about certain issues. This realisation indicates that the 'intuitive you' knows that life can be different. 2012 is also the mid-point in the transition from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius, from 'competition and scarcity' into 'partnership and sharing'. Targeted healing and self-development can help update your 'toolkit' and support you through the transition of the Ascension Process, bringing you closer to the life you imagine is waiting for you, to the 'new ways of being' waiting for all of us :-)

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