Jan 2012 - It's 2012 and what does this mean for you?

We are now into the new year of 2012. There are certain natural (astronomical, astrological and numerological) cycles coinciding with each other this year, which have stimulated much discussion in the media... 'doom and gloom' predictions as well as those that are 'positive and transformational'. It is our choice, which path we follow. However, sometimes we feel powerless to make changes, sometimes we feel overwhelmed, change seems impossible... but outer change can come... focus your thinking...

'Your Thoughts Create your Reality' You may have come across this idea before through the use of affirmations or other personal transformation techniques but here I will explain how this works in subtle energy terms. You (Your Chakras, your Subtle Quantum Field and your Body) receive physical and quantum information about your surroundings (people, situation, activity); you process it, refer to previously stored data and either make a decision, store it for later or continue processing. Some of this is conscious, most is not. Looking at this in another way, you will also be part of someone else's environment providing them with information to process as well... We all know how busy our minds can get and the complexity of circulating thoughts, especially when under stress, don't we?! How are we supposed to be able to achieve or change anything?

Here is a helpful 'How'...

'Focus your Mind, Focus your Life'

You do not need to decide consciously how to sort something out or achieve something, all you need to do to start with is...

Step 1) Have a Vision of the Outcome – What do you really, really, really want? Forget about the details of getting there, just concentrate on the look and feel of actually experiencing your Dream Outcome, keep it as real and as true to you as possible; this is your Vision, not someone else's.

Step 2) Draw your Vision – physicalise your Vision, bring it out of subtle energy as an idea and into something you can touch and see. If you wish, write or talk about it but do not use words in the final picture; keep adding to your drawing until it 'feels' complete. Remember to focus on the outcome and not how to get there.

Step 3) Place your picture somewhere you can look at it every day – for a minute, an hour, it's up to you. Focus on the picture, look at each part, touch it, observe your feelings. In subtle energy and healing terms, you will go through a process of forming quantum information in your Mind as you draw and subsequently as you physically look. As this forms, a subtle healing or life path(s) will start to form as well. Your journey to this destination will be personal to you and your responsibility – keep your Vision in mind and follow the signposts (opportunities, life events, people) that your life presents to you and make your own decisions along the way. Usually there are life tools we need to learn to achieve our dreams. Focus on your vision of the outcome...

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