Dec 2015 - Does Christmas Feel Empty? Want it to Feel More Meaningful?

I came across a phenomenon this year when I seemed to be very busy with my healing work but not really feeling like I was getting to the bottom of the story . . . there seemed to be lots of information but it felt empty; there seemed to be no meaning, just lots of words. It reminded me of when I learnt about computer-programming at college... the computer follows instructions step- by-step to achieve a process or an outcome and if they are not written in the correct format, the program will not work or will give erroneous results - the rules of SYNTAX need to be followed. It is also the same for our spoken language; if we speak with words in the wrong order or meaning or in a different language, we will not be understood.

Definition of SYNTAX:

1) the arrangement of words and phrases to create well-formed sentences in a language, "the syntax of English", a set of rules for a language.

2) the structure of statements in a computer language.

Missing or Incorrect Syntax?

Part of the rules in how our brains understand the World is that a “Label” will identify specific “Content”, so that when you say or hear a Word or Phrase, it will have a Meaning to you. What I found this year is that we can seemingly be functioning fine – we have an inner dialogue processing our lives, responding to circumstances, making decisions and forming responses but you still may feel like something is missing and it may be due to INCOMPLETE SYNTAX. We have a LABEL, a Word such as 'Christmas', but there is NO CONTENT – we feel nothing or it does not feel right.

HEALING SYNTAX: What I found with my healing work was that this is another way that past trauma, inherited patterns, confused ideas... many reasons... can disrupt how we identify the details of our lives... CONTENT may appear as 'Empty', 'Lost', 'Not Mine', 'Too Painful' or the LABEL may not even be right for the CONTENT... and then further confusion/distortion can occur when these are built upon with further evolved ideas. As you may be able to guess, the picture can become very complex and inter-related. With my experience of it this year, it is not something that can be resolved in a conscious way; it requires sub-conscious methods with a consciously-set Personal Goal to want to connect with the Truth. All Holistic Therapies and Activities, such as Meditation, Reiki, Kinesiology (as I do), Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Yoga, etc. help support and guide this process. I wish you all well on your Journey towards Well Being and vibrant lives! Set Conscious Goals – make the most of your Life! <3

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