Apr 2016 - Lost Your Spark?

Does part of your Life feel like it has lost its Spark? Feels flat? Is just routine? No enthusiasm? Maybe you seem always to be doing things for others and never for yourself? Maybe your life may not even feel like yours anymore?
This year seems to have a Theme running... January started with looking at 'Clearing Your Space ' and then in February I wrote about 'Does your Life have a Pulse? ' and then in March 'Sensory Perception '... all about finding what really makes you tick... what makes you come Alive!
When I talk about these ideas, this is what I see when I do healing work with Kinesiology and Reiki. These ideas are how I see the Energy when I work and how I see it transform into something new when healing happens...
The Spark is a form of energy, an understanding in the Mind, a definition within your Personal Database, a prerequisite to your Life's Pulse; it seems to have a Truth about it which to date may have been dulled by Perceptions, some imposed, some chosen, some just taken as given... as we take responsibility for ourselves and really look at and decide what works for us, we start to see these Perceptions for what they really are... just Perceptions, just ideas, all possible to change... at some point in this process, the Spark separates out from the clutter and starts to shine... maybe only occasionally at first but with the potential to become progressively more vibrant! You will notice this happening when moments of your Life suddenly feel different, suddenly you are really You, really wanting to do something and not just because it is expected or that is how everyone else does it but because it feels right for you... you may want to do it in a different way, completely out of the blue, it may feel a little out of character but... it feels right :) Notice these moments! It is progress in your self-development :)
What Happens when your Spark is Hidden? Life becomes flat and routine but not only that you may begin to feel lost and opportunities for something new in your life stop happening. Your World may start to feel limited or restricted; you may lose interest in things that used to make you happy; you may feel bored. Your Spark can also become hidden as a form of self-protection when you feel it is not safe to be present in certain circumstances. An outer Persona may be created to help you deal with an aspect of your life and then this may become the Norm.
Re-Discovering your Spark? This can be a bit of trial and error but again when it feels right, you will be on the right track. Break out of your current mould, do something new! :)

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