Oct 2014 - EMPOWERED? How strong do you feel on the inside?

POWER is both “the ability or capacity to perform or act effectively” and “electrical or mechanical energy to operate a machine or system”. The World runs on a huge amount of Power in both human and energy terms. I have come to realise recently that it is also a very important mechanism for our Health in all ways – physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.


We accept that our bodies are built up from cells creating all the different structures of our anatomy and physiology. We have a nervous system sending electrical messages everywhere providing information and sending feedback to and from the brain. The Brain itself is a mass of electrical activity, all our experiences, our patterns of behaviour, our knowledge, held in electrical forms, all available every second of the day. We eat food that supports all of this.

There is also an even deeper level of electrical activity within the atom itself which is a huge area of Scientific Study known as Quantum, Nuclear and Particle Physics. These nanoscopic particles contain an enormous amount of energy, hence the well-established Nuclear Power industry but what are we tapping into? These sub-atomic particles behave differently to conventional Physics; repeated experiments have even shown that the behaviour of these particles is influenced by the feelings and emotions of the Observer. This to me starts to bring more scientific understanding about our subtle natures, our feelings and intuition, and the efficacy of Reiki and all other forms of subtle energy and complementary healing work. It also begins to scientifically quantify the impact of the 'Doctor-Patient Relationship' on the effectiveness of any course of treatment; it is not just about the best medicine for a set of symptoms. This also suggests that there is a science to how we feel and that feelings have an energy and a real form, supporting the idea of 'Mind over Matter' techniques for health improvements... if you can re-empower your Inner Self, you will feel strong inside, you will be empowering your sub-atomic structure and your innate healing abilities, your cells will be healthier, your Body and Mind will be healthier so what does the picture here represent? It represents YOU in a very simple clear way.


An empowered circuit shines brightly :) The battery is FULL . . . the bulb, wires and connections are clean and clear. A dis-empowered circuit is dull and fragile. Bring to mind an aspect of your life that requires re-empowering, visualise the circuit, take in its appearance... work with each aspect, strengthen each component... step-by-step, circuit by circuit... Re-Empower You :)

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