Oct 2017 - Muscle Response Testing... Learning a New Language... With Yourself...

As a Kinesiologist , I use muscle response testing to guide and progress my therapy sessions but it can be more than just a clinical tool. Anyone can use this technique with practise to build a dialogue with themselves, their lives and their environment. It can be used to clarify choices when unclear or enable understanding when confused or overwhelmed. As well as being a skill to help manage stress and anxiety, I feel it is invaluable in holistic self-development when you really want change and fulfilment but do not have a clue where to start or everything you have tried doesn't help!? Isn't stress just a symptom of not having learnt how to deal with the current challenging circumstances? Isn't unfulfilment another type of challenge? Isn't either of these challenges a nudge to learn about yourself and develop who you are?
Muscle Testing Relies on Biofeedback Stress is a natural response generated by the body's biofeedback which is a hugely complex function of the Nervous System along with a myriad of interactions with the endocrine and immune systems. Your Stress Response and its history is individual to you. What stresses you may not stress anyone else. It may be physically overwhelming or just a slight emotional blip. When stress is present to whatever degree, muscles are affected as well and may either lock up, function erratically or switch off completely when gentle pressure is applied. This effect is what enables you to begin the dialogue with yourself because in any question or choice, there will be a degree of stress because you do not know the answer already! When there is certainty, there is no stress and the muscles function normally.
'Priority Muscle Testing' Requires Clear Intention Your Intention sets the Rules of the Test and this is where Kinesiologists may differ in their training and their specialities and is the skill that comes with experience. When your Intention is clear, the muscle response is clear and it feels right... and this is what needs practise in simple ways when you start. Rather than the Muscle Test being an answer to a question, it is better to see the Test as a way of choosing the “Priority” or the “Most Appropriate for My Wellbeing” out of the options given. Also 'Keep It Real'... you are responsible for your own decisions, not the Muscle Test and sometimes you may disagree with the Test just because it does not feel right! You decide and this is how you shape your Inner Intention and begin the process of understanding and re-empowering who you are. Muscle Testing is only a tool and just another skill to help you find your Way to a Life that fulfils you :)
Starting a Simple Dialogue using Muscle Testing Follow the guidelines in the picture. Use it to make Simple Choices because learning any language requires you to start with the equivalent of 'phonics and letter recognition' before diving into reading and understanding a whole library of encyclopaedias... which is what you actually are! Start with small steps... :)

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