Dec 2011 - Introduction to Chakras

There are 7 major Chakras manifesting through points along the spine as shown from the Root Chakra at the coccyx up to the Crown Chakra. Each is associated with a different colour and aspect of your life that needs healing - your physical form, relationship with self and others, love, truth, understanding and being part of the world. 'Chakra' in Sanskrit means 'wheel' and refers to their spinning cone-shaped form which looks like water when it spins down a plughole but instead of water, it is the quantum energy of all layers of You. This Field contains all the information about you, your behaviour, your aspirations and ancestry, creating who you are in this moment. There is much written in the public arena about chakras if you wish to know more details but all holistic thinking uses these in some form. Each area of the body will be affected by the health of the local chakra and your overall health on all levels (structural, mental, emotional and spiritual) will depend on the clarity and functioning of the whole chakra form, which will also have an effect on how you perceive and experience the world around you...

  • Have you ever wondered how you get a sense of someone without even knowing them? As you interact with your environment, your Field senses and interacts on a sub-conscious level first, communicating with the people around you. This is why you may get an impression of someone without even talking to them or why you feel uncomfortable in some situations and not in others. Your brain interprets all this subtle or quantum information and you respond accordingly. There is much on-going scientific research into quantum physics and there is still much to learn.
  • And... Why did you choose to wear that colour today?

Colours you choose to have around you will be supporting or expressing an aspect of the associated chakra so will vary depending on the people you are with and the situation. Conscious choice of colours can help support how you feel and you also may be drawn to some that you need. It is also interesting to note at this time of year that red and green are very much associated with Christmas, which are colours for family (roots/life foundations) and love.

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