Feb 2020 - Who WE are... Aligned or Compromised?

Over the last few months I have mentioned Polarity and how this comes from how our own personal energy puzzle forms out of our life ingredients and how Self-development and Self Awareness can help us shape this step-by-step into something we consciously choose. When I talk about Polarity, I am also referring to how your personal energy puzzle feels... how do You feel? Do you feel centred and calm or anxious and unsafe? At ease with life or challenged? Last month I talked about being Polarised and that this is when quite separate Energies have formed because they cannot, at the current level of development of the Self, exist together and these can then cause conflict within... and possibly affect our physical and mental health. Recently I also wrote about the Energy of Relationships, the Dynamic of 'Us' and 'We', which is a signficant further level of complexity. When you can maintain your Chi Self, your Relationship Energy becomes clearer and you can be more objective about those relationships that are uncomfortable, challenging and/or disempowering... not just with people but also with other life aspects like money, work, trust, food.... And then you can start to work with...

Relationship Polarity Not only are we each trying to understand our own Polarity, what we want in life, who and how we want to be... but we are also learning about relationship puzzles... learning how to be in relationship, each having its own unique Polarity, its own mix of ingredients that shapes how it feels. The Relationship Polarity will also affect each person's own Polarity... can you be yourself in your relationships? 

Harmonious Polarity This is how we would wish all relationships to be... There is clarity about shared Values and Purpose and both of you can easily maintain your own Polarity, your own Chi Self Needs and Values. This is an Empowering Nurturing Relationship.

Challenging Polarity This occurs when the Polarity is still not fully developed and all the ingredients of the relationship do not agree/ align... yet! There may be gaps in the polarity puzzle which means growth is needed such as more shared experience, more discussion, more knowledge. There may also be some personal learning curves in play or about to begin! All challenges are learning curves and stepping stones for personal development.

Compromised Polarity Polarity forms and is a workable relationship but each person will not be their Chi Selves; behaviour may be out of character or feel uncomfortable and the relationship itself will not be empowering to either side. Polarisation may even occur limiting further growth.

Conscious vs Unconscious Much, if not all, of this process happens unconsciously because more information can be stored and processed here. If great stress is evident then your Conscious Mind is trying to understand something and part of healthy and effective healing is being able to let our Unconscious Mind sort it out for us... and that is a learned skill as well... mindfulness, meditation, all relaxation helps this... make time for yourself :)

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