May 2014 - In Harmony with your Life? Feel In or Out of Sync?

Last month I wrote about 'Spinning Plates' and how you can feel like you are expending all your energy to keep them all spinning and even then sometimes they crash. This got me thinking about 'Harmony', what that means and how it works scientifically and in practice in our lives – is it the same as being 'in sync'? On closer study I found many words that describe interactions in different situations (see box).

These words seem to fall into two main categories: those related to timing and the others to compatibility. For example, it is possible to synchronise a classical composition with a pop tune but will it be harmonious? Not necessarily! When music does harmonise, there is a beauty about it - it feels right. But do we all harmonise with the same music? We do not. So not only does the music harmonise within itself but for you to really connect with it, it will also have to harmonise with you! It seems this scientifically is quite a complex subject and although there is an understanding about “harmony and discord”, it is still admitted that the greater complexities of musical composition owe a lot to intuition and our amazing ability to 'just know' when something 'feels right'.

How Do We Harmonise?

Harmony is not only about music. Because we are electrical Beings emitting our own electromagnetic aura, we also follow the same Laws of Physics and will all have an innate ability about harmonising within and with our environment; it will influence how we live our lives, our relationships, achieve our personal goals and our choice of activities. The 'How to' of Harmony seems to be quite an advanced skill and requires a high level of Self-awareness and of how you interact with your surroundings.

Looking at the definitions above, being in harmony and being synchronised are very similar but also different. Synchronisation is about timing and is the first important step in communication; harmonisation is far more involved but is the crucial next step in achieving understanding and deeper coherence. The subtle difference can be particularly noticeable in our most intimate relationships where you may be 'in sync' but not necessarily 'in harmony'. Harmony gives that added depth to your experience and goes beyond just synchronising and being 'in the right place at the right time', 'saying and doing the right thing', having routines, traditions, small talk, and doing what is expected. Do you feel you are missing something . . . ? Harmony may be the answer and thankfully is a natural outcome of the holistic self-development process. Step by step . . . <3

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