When you decide that you want something to change, it can be very challenging to even decide how you would like it to be. What would work for you? What would work for you and everyone involved? What is the best way to shape the future? Why are some things difficult to face and some easy? Why do we feel fear? Can we be more empowered in our attitude to change?

Energy to me is the natural flow of life; it is all information that we are decyphering, interpreting, creating and shaping in every moment. Where there are difficulties, the energy is not flowing easily, could be trapped, corrupted, misunderstood or even be in reverse or inside-out. Self-development is about unravelling and evolving these restricting patterns and developing ways to support ourselves when we feel frightened or overwhelmed, when we really want to move forward, put the fears to rest and grow into something more fulfilling and positive!

So What is Fear? Fear is a natural response to a situation where we feel threatened, whether physical or psychological. Physical threats are of course of primary importance in a given moment but the psychological effects of continued worry of physical security or all the other 'what-ifs' we think about these days can be far more debilitating or limiting on who we are as people. When we have one familiar situation or routine to deal with, we are ok but are you able to cope with new challenges or changes in circumstances (whether sudden or progressive)... such as the continuously growing complexity of everyday life... communications..? media? family challenges and career paths? … how do we live our lives with the myriad of choices and opportunities available? How do we not only survive but also thrive?

Evolution is a Natural Process... it cannot be stopped; it is part of Nature. We are continuously getting new ideas based on what we know and how we want the world to be... we are continuously assessing possibilities... both consciously and sub-consciously. We will always be challenged to create and adapt to something new. So...

Think of Fear in a New Way... It is only a response to something beyond your current understanding... something that you can learn about and begin to face. Ask yourself why you feel scared or intimidated or angry? Do you really want this to keep happening? Holistic Self-Development work helps identify and transform disempowering life patterns. When these change, your outer world updates and begins to be more supportive and guided... keeping you not only safe but with a growing idea of what you want out of your life… what will fulfill you... :)

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