Sept 2011 - Who Wants to Heal Themselves?

What do you understand by the word ‘Heal’?
Definitions of ‘healing’ are:
1. To restore to health or soundness; cure
2. To set right; repair
3. To restore (a person) to spiritual wholeness.
We heal ourselves all the time every day by various means. We deal with physical and emotional wounds caused by accidents, arguments, and tragedies, many traumas large and small but how do we do this? Something happens, we may seek out help from another person: a friend, or a professional and all along our brain is processing and trying to understand why we are hurting and what needs to be done to survive – get through the situation and carry on with our lives. If you have ever done a stress management course, you would have heard of the ‘fight or flight’ response to any situation we find stressful – in caveman times this was a physical instinct to run away or face what was happening. These days, our brains do this mentally all the time. The more we run away or choose to ignore issues, the more stress we create in our bodies because the brain does not ignore anything, it continues to try to understand what has happened until healing has fully occurred and no more processing is required and therefore no more stress.

For complete healing all the above definitions need to be satisfied. The conventional medical services work hard to restore us to sound health and repair us when our bodies are ill or broken but spiritually complementary healthcare can restore our feeling of being at peace within ourselves. If our mind and spirit are stressed so will be our bodies, which results in lowered immunity and more illness.

Healing to me is about seeking happiness in our hearts and is about being on a path towards feeling whole, being fully in touch with who we are and that our lives reflect this. This could be a lifetime of work but what an interesting journey! I believe it IS possible to love yourself fully and have a real fulfilling identity. We all have an in-built yearning for wellness and seek out ways to feel better but who to believe? We all ask “Would someone please tell me: How do I have freedom in my life? How do I love myself and others?” Your heart yearns for you to have the answers and when you start healing your spirit, YOU will find the answers. It takes time and we are all individuals with our own life paths, some with difficult work to be done along the way but wholeness is achievable. The ‘power is within you’ is a bit of a cliché but who else makes your life fulfilling, whatever limiting factors you feel are working actively against you?

Focus on what you want in your life, how you see yourself, and who is important to you. If you are still reading this article now, you are growing spiritually and wanting to know how to heal. Honest self-awareness and curiosity is all you need to start healing. Your focus will create healing opportunities in your life and is called ‘healing with intent’. This helps you feel hope, which increases your inner power to create your goals for the future. Ill health holds an opportunity to understand the wounding in the Spirit; when you are hurting, there is an opportunity to understand how you feel inside. With understanding and a clear intent to want healing, you are able to create a positive healthy image of who YOU want to be and how YOU want to feel inside. Feeling hopeful is your source of power for healing. You are you giving your best from your heart. Reiki identifies your feeling of pain and works on healing the relationship between your mind, body and spirit.

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