Jan 2017 - 2017!! Found it difficult to plan the Future? Fractals & Chaos Theory may help! :)

We seem to be living through a time where everything seems a little more unpredictable... a little more chaotic... Brexit, Trump, Syria..?! What is the World gonna be like in 2017?! ...let alone beyond that... Have you found it difficult to plan into the Future... this year, next year... Reality may just seem too uncertain and unreliable. Are you living in the moment because that is all you can do?! Recently for me, this idea of chaos has been apparent in my healing work. We, as Individuals, have always dealt with a certain level of unpredictability and still got on with life but it seems far more unsettling to many of all ages at this time in history. I have found that during healing sessions, this chaotic energy is being manifest more often and is actually disrupting the 'normal' cushioning inherent in making future plans. In thinking about this, I have been drawn to reading about Chaos Theory… and also Fractals... all will become clear... possibly!?

Chaos Theory  When Science realised that the Theory of Relativity (Space-Time Cause and Effect) did not answer all their questions, Quantum Mechanics was discovered and in more recent decades, there is Chaos Theory. This is the science of surprises, of the non-linear and the unpredictable. In 1961, in the beginnings of Chaos Theory, Edward Lorenz was modelling the earth's weather and found that a change at 1 millionth of a decimal place of his input conditions made his predictions useless – he called this the Butterfly Effect - a butterfly flaps its wings and 6 months later a storm happens in Mexico!

Fractals and Chaos In 1979, Benoit Mandelbrot started using fractal maths with Chaos Theory to show how seemingly chaotic systems actually had some degree of order! Complex visual patterns could be created from simple rules and natural phenomena like clouds and shorelines actually followed these rules too. It has also been seen in financial systems, ecosystems, and, more relevant here, human societies! Although predictions can be made, they are inherently unreliable, due to the Butterfly Effect and hence why weather forecasts still can only be short-term and your future plans may not pan out as expected. So how do you plan to achieve a Personal Goal amidst Chaos? You can! Visualise your Goal very clearly.

Chaotic Circumstances? Fantastic!!?? :) If you find your life to be a little chaotic however clear your Goal and Intention, it is actually showing that you are at a very exciting phase in your Personal Growth... chaos in Life seems to appear when experiencing very deeply held patterns in Reality... Chaos being when events are for no real reason, out of the blue, crisis after crisis which appear unrelated, annoying or significant life problems which seem to have no clear way forward to resolution... these times can be tough >:-| Be assured there are patterns afoot, only feeling and seeming like chaos! Observe your life, observe the patterns... keep in touch with your inner clarity about your Goal, step through the Chaos <3

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