Nov 2012 - The Power of Groups

During the Festive Season and having recently started working with a small local group for self-development and healing, I have been thinking about how we as individuals connect in our subtle energetic fields and how it affects us.  Christmas is a very good example of the power of this group effect because we are not only acting as individuals but are influenced by the larger 'Christmas energy', by our families, our communities, our Nation and also all who follow a Christian Faith around the World.

Group activities have a special quality about them and can be empowering or disempowering.  Conversations may flow better or worse, healing and interactions may be more powerful and more far-reaching. But why is this?

The picture shows that you are the centre of your world. As you get to know another, subtle bonds form and a relationship subtle field is created containing information about your friendship, to which your Being will refer each time you meet. As the number of individuals connecting together increases, a larger amount of subtle energy (information and experience) is drawn together. You will interact in sub-conscious ways whether you talk to each other or not. You may get ideas, you may feel different than usual, you may feel overwhelmed, uncomfortable or disinterested, This will depend on how You and your subtle Self (your own information about who you are) are interacting with the Relationship or Group Field. Without thought you may find yourself agreeing with opinions or actions that later you regret or cannot understand or you may just feel inspired. This is the power of Group Thought and is why Christmas can live up to expectations or not. Old wounds may reappear at this time because all the ingredients are present together but instead of seeing this as a problem, it is also the ideal time to resolve issues if you can empower the Group Energy, read as: influence healing on a sub-conscious level. Look at the picture again... you are at the Centre. If you learn to empower yourself, you will be able to empower the Group. This is a natural, sub-conscious process if done in a focused holistic way; there is no discipline needed other than a desire to want your life to be more positive and fulfilling. I wish you all well over the next few weeks and encourage you to make it what you want it to be <3

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