June 2016 - Ever Feel You Can't Move Forward in your Life? Feel Clamped?

On my journey professionally and personally, I have come up against obstacles. . . circumstances and events which have blocked my life path and even set me back a few paces, if not years!? I gave up for a while and lost confidence but eventually reassessed where I was and moved forward, always learning something new from my experience, always a new understanding or technique was found. Every step I take further into the energetic world of who we are, I find new forms and patterns that restrict who we truly are as people. It keeps me striving to find out more and makes me respect the awesomeness of Nature and the complexity of how we as people function throughout our Mind and Body. Recently I came across an Energetic Clamp – this felt like one of those scrapyard cranes clamping my whole being as one of those scrapped old cars and I couldn't move.  With healing thankfully, once you have an image of what's going on, it begins to resolve itself.

What is an Energetic Clamp?

A Clamp holds you not allowing any movement. It is a summation of very embedded thought and emotional processes, hardwired so much that although we may question them and try to move on from them, it feels impossible. . . not just a 'banging head against a brick wall' (been here many times before?!) but it surrounds you and infuses you. . . it may be an obsessive thought or just keep croppng up in your life as an issue... or something that has been around a long time, such as an addiction or life being too routine with growing resentment at your situation.

Releasing the Clamp

When a Clamp forms in your awareness, it is ready to be released so will usually present itself as a life crisis, moment of dramatic change, realisation or understanding... you may feel completely out of your comfort zone... hang in there... take a deep breath... and allow it to pass... If stubborn, make yourself do something in the 'real world' - walk somewhere, call a friend, do chores, a routine physical activity to keep you in touch with your conscious focus.
Keep your Intention towards a bigger more supported life, visualise that you are ok and that you are being helped through this even if you are feeling isolated. I have been through myself everything I talk about here and have always come through in a positive way.  Your self-development journey will be suited to you - in moments of crisis, use and practise what you know.   :)

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