May 2012 - Useful Self-Empowerment Visualisation Techniques

The following techniques can be used in any circumstances (not just healing) when you are feeling uncomfortable, overwhelmed or confused. You will know immediately if a technique is working for you because you will start feeling calmer, clearer and more empowered.

The main technique I use has been described in different ways by different healing and spiritual schools. It's a way of isolating you and your energy field from outside influences.  I found it in a book called 'The Dark Side of the Light Chasers' by Debbie Ford.

Imagine yourself in a greenhouse, design it as you wish. You can also imagine it surrounded by a beautiful garden or another environment which helps you feel safe and relaxed. Practise this when you have some quiet time to yourself, maybe before falling asleep at night. Get used to what helps you feel happy there - you can plant flowers, sit on cushions in your greenhouse and read there or listen to music, whatever takes your fancy...

The more you use this space, the more it becomes part of you.  This may be all you need it for, just some time out from a hectic or frustrating day, or some clearer mental space to work out or make plans.

But when you feel threatened or intimidated in anyway, it really comes into its own. You can close all the doors and windows, you can whitewash the glass so no-one can see in, you can use one-way filters so you can still see out, you can put huge locks on the doors, large KEEP OUT signs, whatever you feel is necessary. Things will be put in place automatically when you are practised at this technique.

You can also use it around your loved ones or property to keep them safe, eg. on long car journeys (imagine them and the car in a large greenhouse), or if walking home late at night, or protecting your home when on holiday (you can even post sentries at the doors!), or in fact in any situation where protection (or even just better mental clarity) may be desirable.

The following techniques are based on the Five Elements and I developed these when working with clearing feelings of overwhelming anger, confusion and fear (I have also used them for panic attacks). I was amazed with how effective they were for me at that time.

The Five Elements are: Water, Earth, Air, Metal and Fire.

WATER - Take a mouthful of water and hold it until you feel like spitting it out, then spit. Mental focus may return straight away - amazing but true. Of course this is a bit anti-social so try just imagining doing it. It will still work. The next level to this is to imagine a torrent of water coming up through the body and out of the mouth. This can be done as discreetly as you like - just imagine it.

EARTH - Imagine sand being poured into your abdomen and it flowing down through the body to the ground (behind, in front, between feet, all around... wherever it wants to go...).

AIR - Breathe slowly and deeply in and then out, and repeat.

METAL - Imagine gold metal as liquid (if another metal is more appropriate, it will appear when you start visualising) pouring down into or around the top of your head and flowing down to the ground. It may just flow or it may swirl, just go with whatever it needs to do.

FIRE - imagine fire in your heart (it may be coloured different to usual, violet flame? It may depend on the area being cleared?) and then let it expand throughout your body and beyond, maybe filling the whole room or more, go with what is comfortable and necessary for you.

You can use the above separately, all at the same time or in any combination as you feel necessary - start visualising and see where it goes... Repeat until you feel more clarity and more empowered.

Experiment with these techniques in any situation you find yourself needing more clarity and confidence. They help cleanse you of disruptive subtle energies and allow you to be and really enjoy being yourself.

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