Dec 2016 - Being at One... Will that Solve All your Problems??...

Last month I talked about being Centred and that this is key to life becoming more enjoyable and easier; inspiring synchronicities occur without any apparent effort on your part... you begin to become more in tune with your surroundings and, rather than being overwhelmed with stress and chasing or running from certain situations or life in general, you begin to respond rather than react... stress drops away... that elusive Christmas present jumps out at you! This feeling of Flowing with Life is called 'Being at One'.
'Being at One'...
When you develop who you are, whatever skill you choose to learn, you go through a process of 'paddling against the current'... learning new information which may conflict with what you know or have experienced already but once you are able to put it into a form you understand, you stop falling off the wave so much, your confidence increases and you 'learn to balance', be Centred, and go with the flow more... when you start to enjoy the ride, you will have Become ONE with the Ocean... :)

The extent to which your Life Flows will depend on how much of your Whole Energy Being is involved. This feeling of Flow, of ONE-ness, may be momentary. As you develop more of your Being, you may need to repeat this process many times but gradually the Flow remains for longer and becomes more resilient; Life's ups and downs show you where you are still paddling or learning to balance... Some of you may still need to ask “Where is the Ocean?”, “What kind of board suits me?”, “Am I using someone else's board?... I really want my own!”...

'Being at One'... Is that the Answer to Everything? As usual, there is always further learning and understanding... Having attained ONE-ness, your Life starts to flow but this may not bring you peace and fulfillment?! ONE-ness can be experienced in two ways...
SURRENDER to the Flow or SHAPE it?  In the Past, there was a common accepted culturally-led life path: how relationships played out, when we got married, how many children, getting a job or career for life, how you worship, what was expected and acceptable behaviour... we had surrendered into the norm, the ONE-ness of our Societies. What has happened in recent times is that there is a realisation that we can actually SHAPE our lives; we can walk our own path... just being part of the flow is not enough... We are still learning how we do that and still have a coherent society, a coherent harmonious World. The weight of water in our inherited waves is huge and becoming not only ONE with the Ocean but actually working with it harmoniously and joyously seems a mammoth task... but it is possible! Holistic Self-Development supports and guides this Journey – your Whole Being is part of the process... We can all not only learn to ride the wave but also eventually Carve our own Way through the Tube!!

Let's Dooooo This! :-D

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