Nov 2011 - Your Field as a Puzzle and its Holes

I like to imagine a person’s Field with a capital ‘F’ (subtle and physical, everything about them) as a puzzle with interlocking pieces of many different shapes and sizes. Of course this is multi-dimensional beyond all our understanding but simplifying it to a 2D puzzle at this stage is enough for explanation.  Consciously you may only be aware of one or two pieces, sub-consciously you are aware of more, superconsciously (unconsciously) you are aware of far more. If not aware of all of your puzzle, you can still be influenced by it and different parts of it will connect and make itself known as and when it needs to for your learning/ experience/ choice/ intention, etc.

The Healing Wholeness process will intentionally follow ‘Highest Good’ signposts in your Field to rediscover and reintegrate your hidden puzzle pieces with the intention of healing what is ‘baggage’ and uncovering the beauty of your original puzzle in its entirety and finding more of the Truth of who you are. 

Puzzle pieces can take the form of many structures depending on the information being stored and how you think about it.   I will talk about Loops at a later date, but here I must mention Holes, which are apparent areas of nothingness where a Puzzle piece should be.  Much like Black Holes we see in the Universe, they are a structure which appears to hold nothing but in fact holds vasts amounts of hidden information. Black Holes are not fully understood yet but on a fascinating episode of BBC’s Wonders of the Universe, they are being investigated and modelled with Maths. Mathematicians suspect that the holes are a hologram, which is a 2D surface holding 3D information, which also fits well with how they appear in my experience with working with Subtle Fields. I have also heard that they are finding ‘black holes’ in our physical brains…

A subtle hole may itself be hidden but will be in your reality as something you believe is part of your life but you never really connect to it. You might be able to see and touch it but you never really experience it and feel it is part of your being.  If hidden well, it may never even cross your mind to think about it.  An example of this is Work, your hidden career, attempts to get the job you want but nothing ever progresses about it, or not even knowing what job you want.

A large chunk of your puzzle may be hidden in a hole. This also gives one explanation for random behaviour or life-changing events.  Holes may attach temporarily depending on their wiring and only show up under certain circumstances – like with certain people, eating certain foods/medicines/recreational drugs or when under stress – you will behave in a different way to ‘normal’.  In the case of significant events, a hole and its contents may suddenly connect to your conscious field and your ways of behaving /your perspective of life may change in an instant because suddenly you have new information as a reference and it will integrate with your current experience of who you are.

This is a huge topic but the effects of connecting to holes or any other structures can be exhilarating or very unsettling. Through Wholeness Healing, holes are reintegrated using ‘Highest Good’ intention and healing methodology. It may not always be a comfortable ride but the experience is for you and is directed by your higher energies.  Once integrated, the truth at the source of the hole, hidden behind the old wounds and ‘baggage’, will reveal itself and be a positive, joyful addition to your puzzle.

Happy Hunting.... but Do Seek Support if you need it!

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