Mar 2017 - We Live in a Multi-Dimensional Reality... What does that mean?

Multi-dimensions are part of our Natural World... Our evolutionary process is about learning and being able to function and live happily in our progressively more complex dimensional space. Dimensions are not new forms or creations or 'out-there'; multi-dimensional space exists here already. We live and breathe this energy around us and this energy that we are. We are already dealing with the deeper complexities of ourselves, each in our own way. Many fields of Science and Maths are gradually putting all this into a form we can talk about and work with; our health and wellbeing and that of the world depends on this increasing order and collaboration. Some World/Personal/Health problems are Higher Dimensional... Let me explain... :)

What are 'Dimensions'? 

Dimensions refer to how much information is needed to describe something. The most simple form is a Point; this is 1 dimensional, 1D. A 2D form is like a line drawn on a flat piece of paper and 3D has depth eg. a physical object like an apple. Theoretical Maths already says multiple dimensions are possible but what does that mean in our 'Real World'? What are the other Dimensions?

We already knowingly live with a 4th Dimension... In the early 1900's, Einstein's Theory of Relativity brought in the 4th Dimension of Time... suggesting that it varied in different circumstances. We function in our 3D environment and we plan for tomorrow, next week, next year, don't we? Do we all do this easily? We accept these 4 dimensions are real but is everyone working with same timeline? Do we all have a timeline? Do we all coordinate our activities well or do we clash now and again?! Time therefore was not the only amazing 4D idea from Einstein but even more far-reaching was the concept of Relativity - that we do not live in isolation but we actually have a relationship with our surroundings and with Time and modify our behaviour accordingly - not sci-fi, not imaginary, very real human activity. We add information about the 3D object and what it means to us – sensory perceptions, feelings, memories - 4D is unique to each of us... it is how we think about the World and a significant aspect of that is our relationship with our bodies... bringing me on to...

We already knowingly live with a 5th Dimension too? Our Bodies... Being fully Present in your Body, fully engaged with your Life, can be challenging in the sometimes frenetic technological world we are living in Today. When stressed, we spend much of our time (Over-)Thinking (4D) rather than Doing (5D). The more complex Higher Dimension will influence all lower Dimensions... so Physical activity will help calm the Mind, support the Thinking Process and thereby help focus and reduce stress!! And then there is 6D and Higher... already with us and causing that next level of chaos in our World. This Higher Thinking is to do with Real-ly Living and embodying our own Personal Truth... Some things just won't heal until we do this <3

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