Jan 2014 - This Year... A Continuing Theme: “Hidden becoming Seen...”

With January being a time of reflection and refocusing for the coming year, I have been reviewing all the topics I have covered on this page during 2013 and revisiting how each was relevant to my own personal growth and that of others at that time. 2013 was a time of 'Hidden becoming Seen' and this theme seems to be continuing into 2014... there were many disclosures, protests, uprisings and different (sometimes unexpected) reactions and responses - where the voice of the people made a difference and the path of Peace was taken over War. Our way of relating to each other seems to be changing and I have seen this in my personal experience and my professional observations and learning too.

At the start of 2013 I wrote about 'Your A to B ' and how Personal goals can be aligned with your Higher perspective for faster change; I have talked about New Opportunities and Money and how these are influenced by disrupted personal energy flows (your ability to Self-Express); about Karma and the Law of Attraction . The Summer was a landmark time for me bringing days of deep thought as I considered my own very challenging 'path of rapid change' in previous months and brought about a great leap in my understanding about how multi-dimensional and interdependent our lives really are and how to work with the subtle energy of that, resulting in talking to you about Subtle Keys (July) and how we unlock potentials not only in ourselves but in each other and about States of Being ' (Aug) and your capacity to flow vibrantly with your Life. Since then there has been a definite theme of becoming even more aware of Self and interactions with others (Systems vs Networks , Oct), increasing Consciousness (Nov) and seeing Life not just as an isolated journey of learning and service but more as part of an intricate interwoven web with everyone else's life journeys too.

There have been times of great bewilderment much like that of Neo in the Film 'The Matrix' (1999) when he 'wakes up' and realises his life was not his own but just part of a system of interdependency feeding 'the Machines'... There have also been times of that 'blank page feeling', of not knowing what to do next, and feelings of fear that, in the past, would have stopped me walking into the unknown and would have caused me to turn back to choose a more familiar well-trodden route... but, at some point, I realised that this did not and would not fulfil me... Now I know that the 'Unknown' is just a path I cannot yet see and that as I step along it I have confidence that I will gain the knowledge I need to continue. Systems serve us and should not control or limit us; we all need to learn how to face our personal systems of behaviour, embrace them, see their value and shape them in a way which is supportive and empowering. Self-observation and Self-understanding are key skills to practise in your daily life and are necessary to support rapid growth and change when you decide to step along a new more direct path. Higher Guidance is waiting for you at each stage and is your innate Higher Self, the 'Unknown' of You waiting to be discovered, waiting to show you what is possible. The future is not set; at each step you decide what is next and the more conscious, aware and empowered you are, the more rapid and effortless the change can be... “ 2014... Bring it on! :-) ”

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