Apr 2017 - Aware of any Coincidences Recently? Happen to be in the Right Place at the Right Time?

Last month, I wrote about Multi-dimensional Reality ... as a follow-on from that, I am writing about those magical coincidences that sometimes change our lives in a split second...!!
Definition: 'Coincidence'
1) The state of occupying the same relative position or area in space.
2) Sequence of events that although accidental seem to have been planned or arranged.  

Coincidences often feel like they were just 'meant to be'; they feel reassuring and sometimes answer an inner question or fulfil a dream. They usually feel very spontaneous, not your usual routine and may have resulted from following your instincts to do something which leads you to that Moment... what is actually happening with you? Is it accidental? Is it a 'Sign'?

Virtual Timelines Each of us plan our day by having a Virtual Timeline in our head of tasks we need to get done or activities we want to enjoy – we plan from NOW... until LATER... I mentioned before that Time is part of how we function and relate to the world ie. some of us plan our time well, some find particular tasks challenging if not overwhelming and sometimes we clash with each other... can we consciously change this? Can we evolve or relearn how to interact with each other? Can we make our paths through life more harmonious? ...With more fortuitous coincidences? Of course you can!! … it may take some effort but wouldn't it be nice if good fortune fell in your lap?! Wouldn't it feel great to be in tune with your nearest and dearest or your work colleagues and have time with them being enjoyable, harmonious and productive?! :-D (Further discussion coincidentally Apr 2018 on more complex Virtual Timelines !)
Being more Conscious of your Space I wrote before about BE-ING more in tune with your Body and your Life and how this reduces stress... managing your Time is a significant landmark towards this... but to be more in tune with not just yourself but also others there is the added Dimension of being able to manage and influence your own SPACE, your ENVIRONMENT... Doesn't sound difficult but have you ever felt like you needed to be in 2 or 3 places at once? Or different roles in your life were clashing eg. Work stress messing up your family time or getting to the gym regularly? Conversations being out of sync?
The Significance of Coincidences Your SPACE is your Presence in the World. How often Coincidences occur shows you how well you are communicating on not just a conscious level but on a more subconscious subtle level – your Space coinciding with another's Space. This does not just apply to the NOW but will be part of your Virtual Timeline so the clearer your Intention and your Goals, the clearer will be your Timeline and the more likely it is that you will find yourself in the Right Place at the Right Time... for that Fortuitous Coincidence to happen!!! :)

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